This Family Brings New Meaning to Dress Up Games

How to Have a Marvelous Night Out With the Kids

Tired of another night watching TV with the kids? Looking for new ways to have a Marvellous night out with your kids? Meet the Martell family who came up with a stylish solution to redefine their Family Fun Night.

Get ready for a new way of hitting the town with the kids. Watch this kooky, kid-approved video and try it at home with your family. Sweet!!

Just like Gav and his family did, you too can easily redefine your family nights just like Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations has redefined the candy bar. They are the perfect way to break up your own family night.

Find out how these families also redefined their family time together:

  Teach your kids about their culture and family traditions by focusing on food and fun.

  Cooking with kids is a great way to teach them to be creative in the kitchen. This resourceful mom shows you how to do it in a marvelous way.

  Start a new family night tradition by letting your kids take the lead.

  Turn your family fun night into a night to connect with these tips that will teach you how to make relaxing a priority.