Top 5 Family-Friendly Movies to Curl Up on the Couch With

Make the most of a cold winter's day

Top 5 Family-Friendly Movies to Curl Up on the Couch With

Beat the winter blues and make the most of a cold day by getting cozy on the couch. From heartwarming to hilarious, these are the five must-see, family-friendly movies as recommended by Randa Derkson.

Randa Derkson

The Bewitchin Kitchen

In the winter, I don't spend much time outdoors. It's cold, and I don't have much desire to go for a walk or get some work done. Life is a little slower and I find myself "relaxing" a lot more. In our house, there has been a lot of family movies playing on our Blu-Ray and many meals simmering in the slow cooker.

My son is almost two, and he's starting to enjoy watching a movie with his mom and dad. I never really thought that this would be something that I would cherish. I look forward to our family movies—it's a small period of time where all three of us are together, curled up and quiet. We share popcorn and watch something fun. My son doesn't have a long enogh attention span for a whole movie yet and he doesn't "understand" it quite fully. Even so, every once in a while, something will happen on screen that tickles my son's funny bone and his deep, straight-from-the-belly giggle makes us all laugh. Or he and his dad will wrestle and the house erupts with joyous sequels.

Here are my top 5 family-friendly movies to curl up on the couch with...

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Randa is a work-at-home mom who resides in Northern, British Columbia. When she's not chasing her four-year-old son and scrubbing crayons off the wall, she's blogging over at The Bewitchin' Kitchen. She loves to cook, travel, has a passion for health and wellness and enjoys to sit on the patio during the summer with a glass of riesling.