Kid-Friendly Craft: Decorative Pencils

Super fun and easy to make!

Kid-Friendly Craft: Decorative Pencils

Christine Cook created this decorative pencil craft for kids of all ages. With only a few items, you can turn ordinary pencils into the extraordinary. Get the instructions for this think-outside-the-pencil-box craft below.

Christine Cook

The DIY Dreamer

As most of you know, we LOVE crafting as a family...even my husband joins in sometimes. We can spend an entire day just crafting and making a mess (a fun mess, of course). Crafting is fun, but even more fun when you can do it an entire day and not worry about supper. Lucky for me, I have a slow cooker that I can use to make meal time super easy.

Sunday morning when my daughters woke up they asked if we could have a crafting day. We had spent Saturday running around, so I gladly said yes. I liked the idea of having a quiet day at home. I took out my slow cooker, Club House Slow Cookers Seasoning Mix — Beef Dip, an onion, and some beef. Placed them all in my slow cooker and voilà supper was prepared. EASY!

Check out this easy, family-friendly craft we made...

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