25 Indoor Activities To Do On A Cold Winter's Day

For when it's too cold to go outside

25 Indoor Activities To Do On A Cold Winter's Day

Not ready to brave the winter weather? Sheri McDonald is going to help you stir up some fun with these 25 Indoor Activities that will keep the "I'm bored" at bay.

Sheri McDonald


The time we spend together as a family is precious and I want to enjoy as much of it as possible, so preparing our meals in the slow cooker gives me the time I want with the kids and ensures we are still eating a nutritious meal. Club House Slow Cookers Seasoning Mixes help ensure that the meals taste great too.

This winter has been particularly cold and we have had our share of snow days. The kids start to go a little stir crazy when they can’t play outside for very long, and I don’t want them to be parked in front of the television all day, so we look for fun ways to pass the time.

Here are 25 fun indoor activities that you can do with the kids on a cold winter's day...

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