Adventures of a Stay-At-Home Dad

Life is always an adventure but never more so then staying at home everyday with a two-foot wonder that is into everything. With the decision being made for me thanks to a layoff I became the stay-at-home parent looking after both the home and the child during the day.

The home was the easy part - sharing conversation with a two-year old, that is a different story.

Yeah you don’t have to get dressed first thing in the morning and you can catch TV whenever you want, at least when the whining subsides - but actually keeping the attention of a 2 year-old and making sure the house stays in one piece can be tough. Spending this much time with my daughter has been wonderful and I am trying to enjoy it as much as possible as I know it will be over shortly.

One thing that has really been eye opening is I didn't realize how hard this job can be and it is definitely easier to leave the house in the morning and not worry about anything but work for 8 hours. Being at home during the day you see everything that needs to be done. Clothes need to be washed, living room needs to be vacuumed, hey wait a sec where is my kid....I know she was around here somewhere....yup there she is pulling the clothes out that drawer that I JUST WASHED!

Another new thing I discovered was Mommies Groups. I was very much welcomed by all to participate in the playdates that were set up by my wife's Mommies Groups - talk about being in a different world. No more talking about the game last night but listening to the latest gossip.

I will say the best part about being at home is getting to watch my daughter learn new things everyday. Seeing the sheer joy come across her face when she learns a new word or puts a puzzle together is amazing - makes it tough to think about not being at home.

One thing I have learnt – take the kid out to places as much as possible cause when they sleep you can finally relax……or at least get the dishes done.



Jason Perrier runs a web design company focusing on small businesses, personal blogs and local musicians. In his past time he tries to keep tabs on his two daughters, a 1-year old and a 4-year old.