5 Ways Dads Are Different

Celebrate Father's Day With A Cold Cocktail

by: Dee Brun
Five Ways Dads Are Different

Since Father’s Day is this month, I decided to try and step into my husband's shoes and see what it is like to be a “dad”.

So I paid closer attention to how he interacted with the kids and how they responded to him in situations compared to me. I also decided to interview my husband on his thoughts and feelings about being a father. Five minutes into this endeavor I wanted to grind my teeth to powder. Just the mention of the words “talk” and “feelings” made this my shortest interview ever. My husband suddenly became about as chatty as Helen Keller. So I was left to draw my own conclusions on what it was like to be dad.

The main thing I realized in this research is that “dads” are still “men”. So naturally they have a very, how shall I say, “unique” way of doing things compared to “moms”.

Here are a few that I had the sheer pleasure of observing...

  Bath Time

Dads much prefer their young sons to run around the house to drip dry over the conventional invention of a towel.

  Diaper Change

Dads feel the diaper is just as absorbent no matter which way the silly cartoon characters are facing.

  Feeding Time

Dads feel the only food group that matters is the one the child will eat with the least resistance and minimal spillage.

  Bed Time

Dads insist the smallest book with the fewest words is “His Favourite”.

  Time Out

Dad’s always discipline.......Oh, who are we kidding?

My favorite discovery of this study is that Dads play, giggle and love their babies just like moms do, only they make a lot more noise. I also realized that I prefer my husband's shoes on his feet where they belong.

I love watching him be a dad. There is nothing more attractive than seeing a man caring and playing with his children. Now if we can only get them to carry and give birth to them we would be all set.

So give an extra hug, kiss and a big thank you to dads on their special day. They work hard and try their best and to be frank...some days do a better job than I can.

Most of all, don’t forget to tell your kids that you LOVE their dad.

“Commander and Chief”

6 oz. Clam Tomato Cocktail
1.5 oz. vodka
1/2 tsp horseradish
2 tbsp dill pickle juice
celery salt to taste
dash Tabasco
dash Worcestershire sauce
Garnish with a Dill Pickle

Mix all ingredients in a large glass rimmed with celery salt and serve to dad as he enjoys some “me” time.

Dee Brun grew up in Oshawa as the middle child of two brothers. From an early age, she wanted to be just one of the boys and was a regular member of the guy gangs her brothers belonged to.

Today, Dee is very much a girly-girl, but in the process of growing up gained some highly classified knowledge and expertise on what makes guys tick. Dee is truly a unique blend of tom-boy and girly-girl, which gives her a creative angle to write about relationships, dating, and everyday life as a woman. A self proclaimed diva and she-devil with a mild shoe fetish, Dee likes to tell it like it is, taking a no holds barred approach to her writing. She will tell you herself that she is missing the “brain to mouth filter.”

Dee lives in Kitchener, Ontario with her husband and children. Visit her website Cocktaildeeva.com or follow her on Twitter at @CocktailDeeva.