You want to guarantee some parents are gonna be told they shouldn’t have kids? Get people on the topic of sleep training, get your popcorn, and sit back.
Dear New Mom, Someday the beach will be your happy place again…
“Think of your breast as a big juicy burger,” my midwife said, while squeezing my massively engorged breast, shoving it into my impossibly tiny newborn’s mouth
Isn’t gastric reflux so fun? Super fun! Your kid sucks a teeny bit of milk and then manages to upchuck three gallons of liquid.
If we see something potentially dangerous online, should we point it out or simply appreciate the cute photo or entertaining post?
Every night, my 5 year old gives me a kiss and a hug, then drifts contently off to sleep while I catch up on my favourite TV shows. Also, unicorns are real.
There’s nothing like bringing a new baby into your home.
Making My Own Baby Food
I didn’t plan on making my own baby food. In fact, I had zero interest in going the homemade route, at least during my twins’ introduction to solids stage.