My Do and DO NOT DO Baby Wipes Story

Is there anything stickier than a person under the age of three years? Luckily, no such creatures are more adorable than these littlest of humans, although the sticky bits we could do without.

Most parents – regardless of the stage of their parenting journey – could not name one single item that made their jobs easier and tidier than the wonderful wipe. And I’d consider myself part of that group, because there were just so many occasions where I called on wipes (and still do!) There are the classic situations: clean-up of any manner of bodily fluids; a quick “top to tail” wipes bath in a restaurant high chair; toddler ice-cream face swiping with one hand while the other feeds the new sibling, etc. The list is endless, and every mom or dad can recount to you their best wipes story. (I have several. Give me a clean pack of wipes, a messy toddler, and 5 minutes, and I can get you “visit to Gramma’s house” worthy level of cleanliness with one hand tied behind my back and a nursing newborn latched on.) 

Like all parents, I want my kids to have safe and pure options – especially when it comes to keeping them clean. They’re so new and soft and the thought of cleaning them with products boasting ingredient lists you need a Masters in biochemical engineering to decipher was unappealing at best. 

And so I set about making my own wipes.

I spent hours researching recipes and ingredients, tips, and tricks for the best homemade wipes. All I wanted was a natural, easy wipe that wouldn’t have me calling poison control if one ended up in the mouth of my toddler or my dog. One that didn’t sting or leave a sickly scent. One that WORKED.

This was going to be FUN! 

Narrator: This was not, in fact, fun at all. 

I travelled from store to store with a toddler in tow, seeking out the ingredients required to put these “natural” wipes together. I needed a special water, complex essences, expensive herbs, some kind of oil from a bird (which I was afraid to ask how it was extracted), a preservative, eye of newt, tongue of bat…. Honestly, the list was exhaustive and by the time I had accumulated all the necessary elements, I was exhausted, well over $100 in the hole, and my kitchen looked like it had played host to a frat party. My daughter was semi-neglected for an afternoon while I played compounding pharmacist and I was near tears and exhausted. And then a few days later this… smell was emanating from the specialty container I had to buy to house these things, and that smell was mold. Something in the secret brew was not conducive to even the moderate heat of my diaper bag and the whole damn batch was worthless. And my daughter? Still sticky.

This was bonkers. There had to be a simpler way to clean my little one head to foot with a product I could take with me and still be able to afford. 

And there is: WaterWipes. It was right there, on the shelf in the baby aisle at Walmart. (And I did a quick search after my initial purchase and it’s available at many popular online retailers in Canada, so if you’re a parent like me who had a newborn who made things like “going outside” or “getting in a car” nearly impossible, you can still get these easily.) 

WaterWipes were developed by a Dad, not a chemical company, and they contain – get this! – simply *2 ingredients.* WaterWipes contain only water (99.9%) and a drop of fruit extract that acts as a skin conditioner. They are soft, moist, and they WORK! Finally, a simple, pure wipe I can feel good about using for babies, toddlers, or myself! They’re perfect for even the most delicate of delicate skins – including sensitive and premature babies, and they’ve been awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance for sensitive newborn skin, so you know WaterWipes will not leave any residue behind. WaterWipes are the world’s purest baby wipes and they don’t cost a rent payment to use.

We’re all doing the best we can, and parents know we truly are all in this together. The fact that a Dad created WaterWipes for his baby - and now our babies too – is, simply and purely, a wonderful thing for our babies – and us!   


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