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Using the proper “tool” for the job is necessary for success. You don’t clean a non-stick pan with steel wool, and you don’t comb your hair with a fork, so why would you use scratchy bathroom tissue to care for your ... ahem ... delicate parts after having a baby?

Give your body what it needs post-birth by using Tucks Personal Cleansing Pads. They’re specifically formulated to cool, soothe and freshen, and are especially helpful in relieving that inevitable discomfort {down there} after you’ve given birth. From soreness, to swelling, to perineal discomfort, Tucks Personal Cleansing Pads are great for many of your post-delivery needs! Trust us, the immediate relief that Tucks gives you from burning and itching – hello, hemorrhoids! –  goes a long way to making your postpartum days more comfortable.

So give Tucks a try post-birth – or let a new mom or mom-to-be know about Tucks - and be prepared to tend to your delicate areas in a way no bathroom tissue can. You can thank us later. ;)

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