3 Baby Crafts Worth Avoiding

Some things mom doesn't need to keep around.

Admittedly, I have never been the craftiest of moms. You won’t see me blogging about the latest inspired craft I do with my kids. I can do the basic stuff and have supplies around the house for the kids to craft, but you won’t find one of our works trending on Pinterest.

I recently came across some crafts that are so bad, even I couldn’t have created them. Well, I suppose they’re not “bad” in that sense, but to me, this is mom crafting gone so wrong.

Tooth Monsters

I get that the Tooth Fairy collects a lot of teeth. Heck, I have six kids – I’ve been doing this Tooth Fairy thing in overdrive. I find it strange enough that some parents KEEP their kids’ teeth, but this takes creepy to a whole new level… sewing the teeth into a stuffy toy. I’m not sure how sleep-deprived the mom was who came up with this idea.

(OK, these particular dolls aren't made with REAL teeth, but you know someone has gotten crazy with the glue gun at home after being inspired by them.)


Butt Bowls

I think baby bottoms are as cute as the next mama does, but it would not inspire me to dip their cheeks in paint and create a butt bowl. What do you do with a butt bowl?  Do I fill it with potato chips or cheesies to serve at a party? Do I proudly display it until my kid is old enough to be horrified by the public display of their butt impression? Are there enough therapy dollars to account for the trauma said child will endure?


Umbilical Cord and Placenta Crafts

I’m not gonna lie; I’d be more likely to ingest my placenta than craft with it. But, if you feel so inclined, a small Google search will lead you to instructions of how to create a lovely heart umbilical cord keepsake. Honest question, wouldn’t it smell bad?

How crafty are you? Have you ever had a crafting-gone-wrong experience that measures up to one of these?




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