These Were the 10 Most Popular Baby Names of 2016

Not a Jason or Jennifer in sight.

If there's one thing a lot of parents-to-be spend a lot of time agonizing over, it's choosing what to name the baby! Fortunately, we can see what's trending in the name market, just in case you want to steer your decision by how many kids are likely to have the same name in school.

In trends, what we were watching on TV seems to have affected everything! Names from horror movies and shows like Walking Dead and Stranger Things seemed to have a big influence on us this year! Nancy, Dustin, Lucas, Joyce, Hershel and Walker all climbed in popularity. Superhero names like Banner and Harley were big, and Hillary and Ivanka were also popular choices this year, no doubt partly due to the election.

STEM education was also big in 2016, with names like Cloud, Apple, Elon, Rocket, Newton, Edison, Benjamin and Albert up by a significant amount.

Babycenter released their top 100 most popular names for 2016! You can check out the whole list of all 100 if you like, or click right to see the top 10 most popular names of 2016.

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