Breast Milk Can Now Be Turned Into Jewelry, So Get Pumping!

One entrepreneurial mom has come up with a way to let you hold on to a piece of the breastfeeding experience forever.

breast milk jewelry

We all know that breastfeeding is amazing. It provides a host of benefits for your little one, is cheaper than formula, and you can even do it while you are sleeping. While some fathers may feel as though they are missing out on the experience of bonding with their child if Mom chooses to nurse, that problem can be solved by bottle-feeding expressed milk. As of 2015, 26.8% of mothers expressed their breast milk five to 15 times a week. Breast milk is truly brilliant.

For many moms, breastfeeding your child is an extremely emotional experience held near and dear to the heart. Though those few precious years seem to fly by, one entrepreneurial mom has come up with a way to let you hold on to a piece of it forever.

Her answer? Breast milk jewelry.

Kelly Howland, the genius mom-preneur behind Sacred Legacy Arts, figured out a way to create a unique jewelry line that makes accessories using DNA. Whether it's the ashes of a loved one, hair, placenta, or even breast milk, Howland will be able to transform that DNA into something special that will last forever.

But how does she do it? Sadly for us, Howland keeps her techniques a secret. She uses chemicals to professionally preserve the breast milk, incorporates it into jeweler-grade resin, then sets the breast-milk stone into a ring or necklace setting.

Wonder why anyone would want an accessory made out of their own DNA? As reported on the Huffington Post, Howland explains that there are many reasons. She says, “So many mothers hang on to tangible mementos from their motherhood journey that usually just end up taped into a book or tucked in a shoe box in the closet.”

She gained inspiration from her own child, saying that her experience breastfeeding was “so empowering and healing that I wanted a visually beautiful way to honor these moments in my life.”

All you have to do is contact Howland through her multiple social media channels, send her a bag of your milk, and choose the piece you'd like. Pieces range from $80 to $400, but it is priceless to carry a memory like that on your body for the rest of your life.

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