36 Best Pieces of Advice for Sleep-Deprived Moms

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One early morning on the YMC Facebook page we asked moms for some advice, and this time it was about the one thing mom can never seem to get enough of - SLEEP.

Good morning! A lot of sleepy new moms will be seeing this.

Could you please write one sentence for them?


And YMC moms being great moms, you didn't disappoint. If you're a new mom who feels sleep-deprived and alone, you'll want to read this right now.

The days are long but the years are short xo
Jennifer P.  

That little baby is the most important thing in the world - more important than cleaning and cooking! Those things will fall into place later when you two  find your groove. Revel in this precious bonding time even though it is exhausting. Sleep when they sleep - your body just made a person and it needs to recover.
Lisa R.

When I was crying to my doctor about worrying that I was being a good mom... he told me I already was. Bad moms don't worry about being a good mom. You are a good mom. Chin up and don't worry about the housework.
Tanya S.

Spontaneous dance parties can solve many problems.
Natalie Q.

This too shall pass, but your awesomeness is forever.
Katherine F.

How New Parents Can Stop Stressing About Sleep

I once read that we have two choices when we have our babies: we can be tired and cranky, or we can be tired and pleasant - tired is just part of it.
Echo F.

If baby is sleeping, what the heck are you reading this for!!?!??! Go back to bed and rest!!!
Stephanne T.

You know your baby best! Listen to your instincts, they will not steer you wrong. (As told to me by my doctor, best advice ever).
Kimberley M.

Do not feel guilt. Your life has changed for the better, even if the house looks like a tornado. Sit with your baby, and relax. Enjoy the moment at its purest. Forget the guilt.
Cindy D.

Take one moment this morning, close your eyes, hold that little bundle of joy in your arms and smell your sweet little baby's head.
Sharon D.

There is no wrong way to be a mom, just love them the best way you can.
Robyn H.

Sleep Tips for When You're Too Tired to Sleep

Those other moms who look like they've got it down? They haven't changed their underwear in a week.
Elle S.

There are only 900 weeks till your child steps into their own life. If you live those 900 weeks worrying about (fill in whatever guilts you) you will have missed the best part of your life! Dance with them, sing with them, laugh with them, cry with them, read with them, walk with them, cuddle with them, eat with them, nap with them, draw with them ...be with them before they want to be with another.
Claire I.

YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB!!!!!!!! You are the most important thing to your baby, when you comfort them no matter how tired you are they feel safe and loved!
Lindsey P.

Be compassionate with yourself today.
Annabel F.

This too shall pass.
Paula C.

It's ok to have another nap by 7 am. And then another ...and even another ....the laundry and dishes will wait for you.
Jennifer B.

Is Sleep Training for You?

Happy mommy=happy baby. Don't skip the small things that make you happy.
Jody F.

Today is he beginning of the rest of your life, new, breathtaking, exhausting, crazy and amazing all in one! Take a deep breath and enjoy every moment!
Dawn S.

Stay in your pajamas, and dress your kid in sleepers for the first 6 months.
Elle S.

When visiting family and friends ask what they can bring, tell them dinner. It was so helpful when my friends and family brought us meals for the first couple of weeks, plus they got to enjoy it with us too.
Melanie L.

You are loved!
Ashley P.

You feel like you don't know what you're doing, and that's because you don't. Here's the truth: NO ONE DOES.
Jacqueline D.

One day the sleep deprivation ends, so let go of the image of perfection and nap when your kid naps, let the cleaning slide a little, and survive to see tomorrow.
Jaime G.

Hang in there ...the laundry, the dishes, and those text messages can wait ...hold your baby a little longer because soon they will be off to school or out on dates.
Tanya R.

Spend as much time as you can just holding your baby. When my daughter was born six months ago, I'd just sit and hold her. Before I knew it, the sun would be going down and I'd lost all concept of time. But I'd had all those hours and days with my daughter. She still cozies with me like that. They are only tiny for a short time, and I'm so thankful I spent my days just holding her.
Jennifer P.

If baby cries after you've done everything you can think of, put him/her safely in the crib or bassinet and walk away for a while. Five minutes of crying won't harm the baby. If you need to go crumple and cry for yourself just to release the frustration and worry, do it. You'll feel much more able to cope once you've given yourself permission to actually FEEL your emotions.
Meghan B.

Your baby believes that everything you do is exactly as it should be.
Heather P.

Getting Baby to Sleep Through the Night

You're doing an amazing job! Keep trusting your instincts.
Nancy H.

The little one keeping you up is the best, most perfect thing that you have ever and will ever make in your entire life!
Laura R.

Baby, coffee & quiet = perfect morning. Ignore the housework, the phone, and that nagging feeling you need to be doing more. That little bundle in your arms dictates how fast or slow you go for the next while - relax and enjoy it.
Sarah I.

Have patience and stay strong. Your best gift ever is already with you.
Lisa S.

Take a deep breath, pour another cup of coffee and enjoy this chaotic, beautiful and amazingly simple moment with your precious little one. You got this.
Sherrie G.

You're strong, beautiful and you're doing an amazing job!!
Michelle H.

They will never again be as little as they are today.
Jennifer D.

It's okay to mourn the loss of your "old life". It is a very difficult job you are doing and it's normal to feel overwhelmed. t's okay to feel temporarily depressed about this new responsibility. It will pass! However if you really are depressed for long periods of time, speak to your doctor. There is no shame in seeking help for mental health issues! There is a lot of support out there.
Meghan R.

Twins: Twice the Love, Half the Sleep?

And in case you wondered if your words ever made a difference to a sleep-deprived mom:

What a great thing to see when you're up in the middle of the night. Thanks, Moms.
Margaret M.

Thanks for this post! Needed it today (1 week pp)...
Sarah P

We thank you, Moms. Any advice to add? We'd love to hear it, so spill it!

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