10 Tips To Successfully Navigate The Baby Show

This is the best place for everything baby!

The Baby Show is coming to Toronto and if you’re pregnant or a new mom, there is no better way to prepare yourself than to attend a consumer show where everything pregnancy, baby, and toddler is under one roof.

As someone who has been to plenty of consumer shows, and is now producing them, I’ve put together 10 tips that will help to make your experience a great one!

1. Bring a friend

I am a fan of “everything is more fun when you have someone to share it with.” This is also a great way to involve grandparents. There is always something new to learn about parenting, and things have changed since they had their babies.

2. Shows are a great place to shop

Vendors usually have show specials, and you will definitely pick up samples and some literature. Strollers really come in handy for this, but if you’re not there yet, think about bringing a bag on wheels or someone really nice who is willing to help you carry the load.

3. Dress in layers

Changes in your hormone levels due to pregnancy and/or postpartum could lead to you feeling hot one minute and cold the next. 

4. Address labels

Pre-printed address labels will be your salvation if you are planning to enter contests at the show. Make sure to include your phone number and email address, so you can be easily reached if you win a prize.

5. Bring snacks and water in your purse

While there is always food to buy, it’s always best to be prepared.

6. Wear comfortable shoes

Walking around 60,000 square feet wouldn’t be a good thing in six-inch stilettos.

7. Make sure you visit every booth

There is no point in attending a consumer show when you don’t want to learn about what exhibitors are doing. 

8. Bring cash with you

You may be able to get a better deal when shopping if you pay with cash. Some vendors deal only in cash to avoid credit card fees.

9. Visit more than once (if you want to!)

This is especially handy for those with little ones. Baby may get cranky after a few hours, so why not register for free reentry on your way out and come back the next day to catch a seminar or two without baby?

10. Make the most of your visit!

Check the website prior to your visit and plan your day. This way, you won’t miss seminars that interest you. Get there early to pick up a grab bag and sign up for your free massage and free sleep consultation as soon as you get there. You don’t want to miss out.

Bonus tip:

Buy your tickets online for a discount. If you’re in the GTA or are planning to be for September 27 & 28, 2014, use promo code YMC14 for $3 off a general admission ticket. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you at The Baby Show Toronto! It’s Toronto’s premium pregnancy and early parenting show, and it’s the place where you can expect to get pampered, hear from Canadian parenting experts, shop for the latest pregnancy and baby products, and learn all about your parenting journey! 

From doulas and drop-ins to soothers and sleep, moms-to-be and new moms get helpful answers to their most burning questions.

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Sandy Pedrogao is co-producer of The Baby Shows and editor and co-founder of Oh Baby! Magazine and www.ohbabymagazine.com When she’s not running her business and parenting her two children as best she can, she can usually be found enjoying real life or online conversation.