YMC Babies Review Liberté baby Yogurts

Find Out If Babies and Toddlers Went Bananas For This New Yogurt!

YMC Babies Review Liberté baby Yogurts

Babies and toddlers from across Canada taste-tested three flavours in the new Liberté baby line of yogurts–plain, strawberry, and banana. Then we asked their dedicated moms to watch for their child’s reaction and tell us about the experience.

Was the texture tantalizing? Did the flavours meet up to the discerning taste buds of our little testers?

Read the reviews below to find out.


My son and I tried all three flavors and loved them! I was worried that the banana yogurt would have a strong chemical taste that a lot of banana flavor products have but I was very happy with the flavor and found there was no chemical taste whatsoever. I will be purchasing this in the future for my son as well as the little one on the way!
  Aleasha CLangley, BC

My daughter was excited to see the little cups of Liberté baby plain and strawberry yogurt. She kept pointing and saying, “Try baby yogurt! Try baby yogurt!” She ate it herself and loved it so much, she asked for a second container! This is a wonderful snack for my daughter since we’re limited because of her peanut allergy. Thank you.
Renee A. Markham, ON

My son dove into the Liberté yogurt and barely came up for air until it was all gone. He immediately asked for “more pease”! He also gobbled up the banana flavour lickety-split.
  Jennifer MHamilton, ON

My 11 month old daughter loved Liberté baby yogurt. The serving size is just perfect for her age and she has enjoyed it for breakfast every day this week! It tastes great and the texture is just perfect. I feel good giving it to her as a healthy snack!
Minzie H. Brampton, ON

A lot got into my son’s mouth, but he decided to paint everything he could with his yogurt. He was definitely happy and loved the taste which made me not care so much about cleaning up.
  Carey HCambridge, ON

My daughter is a fan of yogurt and while I knew she would love the strawberry yogurt, I was worried she would find the plain too plain. It was love at first bite. She put a huge spoonful in her mouth and was shocked! I think she was expecting a fruit flavour but to my surprise, she went back for spoonful after spoonful! Each spoonful was accompanied by the sour face then a huge smile. She finished the whole container in record time! Curious, I dipped into her yogurt and was surprised to find a rich, smooth, velvety texture with a clean, refreshing taste. It’s a product we both love!
Jennifer V. Bowmanville, ON

My daughter Sofie has never been a huge fan of the baby yogurt so it was quite something to watch her eat and thoroughly enjoy the banana flavour Liberté baby yogurt. She enjoyed it so much she was actually singing while eating. As you can imagine that is the seal of approval and all a mom of a toddler needs. While the banana flavour was a hit, she didn’t love the plain or strawberry flavour. Well done Liberté… you’re clearly the choice for this toddler! Thank you!”
  Katia RToronto ON

My 13-month-old loved this yogurt. It was very easy for him to feed himself which he enjoyed very much–including spreading it on the table and his face! Overall, my baby had a great experience testing this yogurt and we will definitely consider adding it to our weekly grocery list.
Haifa S. Toronto, ON

The yogurt was the perfect amount for my daughter to enjoy, and the packaging was easy for her to feed herself without the hassle of a deep container that can sometimes be tricky to get the bottom bits out. She loved both the plain yogurt and banana flavour that we purchased. The Banana flavour has just the right amount of sweet banana tastiness, and the plain is fresh and delicious. I love that it’s light tasting and has simple ingredients. Perfect for introducing into a baby’s diet, but also great for toddlers like my daughter to enjoy.
  Brandi YWoodstock, ON

It went great! I had to coax her to try the yogurt as it is a bit thicker then she is used to but at least 80% made it into her mouth with a big “mmm!”
  Tara JBurnaby, BC

Both my kids (3 and 4.5 years) really enjoyed the yogurt and older daughter kept saying how yummy and creamy the yogurt was. She asked if we could buy it instead of our usual brand. I was impressed with the lower sugar content of the yogurt and how tasty the plain flavour was. We’re converts- thanks for letting us try Liberté baby!
  Tracy LOttawa, ON

Both of my little guys loved the creaminess, I loved that it was thick enough to hold on to the spoon without making a big mess.
  Aimee PBrampton, ON

My daughter Sophie loves yogurt so I welcomed the opportunity to be able to be a tester for Liberté. At morning snack time I grabbed the plain flavor and started the test. She made an odd face when she tested this one so I grabbed a container of the strawberry flavour. She liked this one much better and kept asking for more. After I tasted them both I think the plain may have been a little too plain for her. We will definitely buy it again but we will go with strawberry or banana.
Josie F. Vancouver, BC

Lauren seemed to absolutely love the yogurt! She hasn’t really fed herself with a spoon a lot up until now, but when I gave her one of the yogurts and a spoon she was literally scraping the container out to make sure she got it all! I didn’t think she’d like plain, but she gobbled that up, too. I was impressed.
  Heather DBurlington, ON

My son loved the Liberté yogurt–strawberry was definitely his favourite flavour as he actually asked for three in a row and wanted more but I finally had to tell him no. I will definitely be buying him more!
  Carla DHamilton, ON

My daughter REALLY liked the plain baby yogurt. The first time we offered it to her, she ate the entire single container! When we moved on to the flavours, she preferred strawberry over banana, but didn’t have the same reaction as she did to plain. We will be buying plain a lot on the future! She ate the adult Liberté before, but I’m so happy we can now offer her something designed for her.
  Sarah Lynn HToronto, ON

I was pleasantly surprised by my son’s reaction, particularly to the banana flavour. He devoured it! I will definitely purchase it again as the serving size was perfect for an afternoon snack.
Catherine R. Toronto, ON

Like most moms, I tasted this new food before giving it to my kids. I found the yogurts to be a bit bland. But, they weren’t specially formulated for me and both my daughter (9 months) and my son (2 years) loved them!
  Myliece MThunder Bay, ON

This was the very first yogurt my 9 month son tried and he really enjoyed the plain yogurt! My 28 month old daughter wanted to try it too and not only finished the rest of his, she had another one as well. It is now a regular purchase in our household
  Meg RNepean, ON

My son is nine months, and we saw this as the perfect opportunity to introduce yogurt to him. I was slightly nervous, because he often throws up new foods. You know how normally when you try a new food with a baby, they kind of scrunch up their face a little and think it over before they decide if they like it or not? There was none of that. My son LOVED the yogurt. He banged on his tray for more. We’ll definitely be getting it again.
  Dayna WBurnaby, BC

Jack really enjoyed the Liberté baby. He ate it very quickly, and even commented with a mmmmmmmm! High praise from a one year old! Jack does, however, enjoy more textured yogurts now so a chunkier one for older babies would be great!
  Jenna CLondon, ON

I have been serving my son yogurt for about 2 months now. Sometimes I give it to him plain and other times I mix it with fruit, molasses or cinnamon. He really enjoyed the Liberté over other brands because of the thick creamy texture. It was almost like Greek yogurt. When buying yogurt I look at sodium and sugar content. Liberte baby yogurt plain fit my criteria for both these.
  Linda WToronto, ON

My son really enjoyed the Banana flavored yogurt. At breakfast one morning he chose it to dip his waffles in it over syrup!
  Kathryn MLangley, BC

Since my daughter already likes yogurt, it was easy to have her try the Liberté. After the first one was finished she asked for more. She even shared with some of her toys which was a bit messy.
  Tammy BYork, ON

My Daughter Abigail enjoyed the samples of baby yogurt we received. Her most favourite was the banana flavour, the plain she found a little tart, but when added to fruit she enjoyed it.
  Jennifer MSevern Bridge, ON

My son Owen seemed unsure when I gave him the plain one but he still gobbled it all up. We knew he loved the strawberry when he decided to forego the spoon and started scooping it up with his hands to get it into his mouth.
  Jennifer TBurlington, ON

The Liberté yogurt taste test went over very well in our household. My 3 daughters (age 5, 3 and 1) were all participants and shared the same review results. Although the plain favour was tolerable we all prefer a little more flavour and enjoyed the smooth creaminess of the banana.
  Sabrina MThornbury, ON

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