The Perfect and Unique Gift for the (Nearly) Perfect and Unique Child

The sure-to-please Maplelea is a great gift for all kids!

Maplelea Canadian Dolls

Okay, so kids aren't perfect - to be fair, no one is! - but we'd all love our littles to have the perfect holiday because they are pretty amazing people. Add to that the fact that we're in the thick of the giving season: you still (likely) have gifts to buy - BUT - with a few weeks left before the holidays arrive it may feel like you can chill for a bit. True, and the temptation to not worry about it is a good one. You shouldn't worry. And here's why - we've got you covered with a great gift idea; at least for the kids (and kids at heart) on your list. 

Maplelea Dolls

Maplelea is a proudly Canadian small business, and they've been spreading smiles for decades. In fact; they're on their second generation of bring smiles to kids faces because they've been around since 1986.

Created by a Canadian woman as an alternative to the diva-type dolls on the market, the Maplelea Girls are age-appropriate dolls that promote creative play and healthy, active lifestyles, while fostering a love and interest in Canadian culture, heritage and geography. This is all fantastic and we all want to buy Canadian, but here's the best part: Kids LOVE them. Like, realllly love them

"Avery and Charlie (Charlsea) – her Maplelea doll — have been inseparable since they met last year. Charlie provides comfort and companionship on road trips, or when her room is dark and it’s storming outside — or whenever she needs a hand to hold.​"


Maplelea Fast Facts: 

  • Maplelea dolls like Charlsea and Saila are available online at, or by calling 1-800-668-4339.
  • All Maplelea dolls are priced at $99.99, a price that hasn’t changed since they were first introduced in 2003. That's over 14 years! (Sorta awesome, yes?) 
  • They are intended for children 6 – 12+ years of age, but safe for children 3+.
  • Images in our materials are not professional models - all the photos use real-life Maplelea doll friends! 
  • Maplelea has over 24 dolls to choose from: you can select from different hair, skin, and eye colours to reflect Canada’s amazing diversity.