Colour Your Hair Because You Want to, Not to Cover Up

My New Mantra: Grey Hair, Don't Care

Growing Out Your Hair into Grey |

It wasn’t until Janie bent down to retrieve a water bottle from her child’s soccer bag that I noticed it. And it gave me a tingly feeling.

On the top of her head was a crown of grey hair growing thick and strong, merging into the rest of her chestnut brown ponytail. I had never noticed it before because Janie is a good head taller than me but when she stood up, I realized there were grey wisps throughout her hair.

It gave me the tingles because I am also going grey. Well, silver, really. And sometimes I feel like a lone wolf. I don’t know a lot of other women who aren’t covering up, so when I see someone who so obviously isn’t, I want to shout, “Oh. My. God! You’ve got grey hair and don’t care, too!”

But I don’t. Because Janie might just be short on cash this month and can’t afford to pay killer prices for a salon colour. Maybe her hairdresser hasn’t pointed it out to her (like mine has to me).

So I don’t say anything, but I want to at least nod, or something. You know, like the Jeep nod. My friends have a Jeep and I’ve observed this phenomenon firsthand. Jeep owners will nod at each other as they drive by. Like they’re part of some sort of club or something. I want to be part of a club. Nay, a society! The Society of Silver-Haired Sisters! Or, The Silver Strands Society!

A month ago someone did say something to me, and it was quite possibly one of the best compliments I have ever received in my life. She and I were walking down the streets of downtown Calgary, a city in which neither of us live (long story), and she kept glancing over at me as I was talking. When I finally paused in my speech, she remarked on my silver hair, calling it beautiful (if I am remembering it correctly), and suggested I never cover it up. “I don’t plan on it!” I said, confidently.

Because I don’t.

If I put colour in my hair, it won’t be plain old ordinary black to cover up flashy silver. It will be hot pink ombre that will add to the party. Or maybe a slightly more subdued violet.

I don’t think it’s the colour of our hair that keeps us young and beautiful. I think it’s our attitude and the measures we take to be healthy and happy. There are other acts of self-care that can preserve our youth like proper hygiene, exercise, eating well, spending time in fresh air, having meaningful relationships, and being kind.

If women, and men, choose to colour their hair then I hope it’s not because they want to cover up but because they just want to.

And to those with grey hair and don’t care, consider this a nod.

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