The ONE Thing Moms Really Want for Mother's Day

Hint: It's not flowers

What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day |

My idea of a perfect Mother’s Day doesn’t involve breakfast in bed, flowers and chocolate. Okay, maybe a bit of dark chocolate.

My perfect Mother’s Day doesn’t even involve spending the whole day with the kids.

Yes, I love my kids. So much it hurts. In fact, every single day, I will gladly put my kids’ needs before my own. Those two little ones are my world. Which is why, on Mother’s Day, I’d love some time without them.

Strange? Ask any mom what they’d like for Mother’s Day and I bet your bottom dollar the answers will be universal: THE DAY OFF.

Here that dads, partners and grandparents? The sweet, sweet solace of time spent alone and not having to worry about other people is something all moms dream about. Whether it’s a couple of hours out at the spa relaxing while someone pampers those long-neglected feet (please don’t judge), a yoga class followed by (uninterrupted) time to think in a coffee shop, or a nice solo hike, having time to do as we please without little ones running underfoot is the ultimate gift. I’m sure many of us would even love a couple of hours alone at home, to do absolutely nothing, read a book, or, the luxury of all luxuries: nap!

I know many moms would agree with me that the best Mother’s Day doesn’t need to involve a fancy piece of jewellery or an over-priced bouquet of roses. Let’s switch it up a bit and get back to the real, simple things that truly make us happy. Sleeping in. Relaxing. Feeling loved. Guiltless time to do whatever we please. A simple dinner with family. Save that $50 you’d spend on flowers and instead let the kids decorate a little pot, then plant something that will continue to grow. If you really want to buy your partner something, treat her to an experience she’ll enjoy and likely need: how about a pedicure or a lunch date? A glass of wine? Scratch that. A bottle of wine. Even better: a nap, a clean bathroom and a warm bubble bath waiting. Bonus: it’s free.

As parents, we all know how quickly life goes by. How incredibly precious this thing called time really is. We watch our children grow from babies to teenagers right in front of our eyes and it feels like all we did was blink before we’re celebrating their next birthday. Time is a coveted thing, friends. And ensuring that moms get some to themselves is really so important. Remember whose cup needs to be filled before anyone else’s can.

If we can have the day off from having to clean up 285 spills, wipe runny noses, change dirty diapers, and not have to listen to yelling or crying while we attempt to make lunch, well, that’s an amazing gift in itself. It’s time to recharge, refill our own cups, and then be even better parents for it.

And moms: let’s not feel guilty about taking time off for ourselves. What better day to invest a bit of time and energy in ourselves than Mother’s Day? It’s the one day of the year where we are celebrated for all we do. So, along with spending some quality time with the little ones that made us moms in the first place, don’t forget to let your partner, parents or other family members know what else you could really use: time to relax and be alone. Oh, a nice, hot uninterrupted shower or bath (with the door locked!) is also icing on the cake.

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