Erica Ehm


Not only is Erica Ehm one of Canada’s most recognized personalities, she also runs one of the largest online publishing and marketing brands in Canada for the mom market.

In the 80’s Erica was a considered the voice of her generation as a host on MuchMusic. She is an author, actor, speaker, broadcaster, journalist, playwright, and award-winning songwriter.

In 2006, Ehm created YMC ( – which has grown to be the largest independently owned online property in Canada. Her award-winning digital platform for moms is home to a stable of social content creators, who, under her guidance, tell the stories relevant to Canadian moms.

Ehm is also CEO of Ehm & Co, a digital marketing company specializing in creating mom engagement with a focus on social media marketing and partnerships with agencies and brands. Advertisers and marketers often turn to Ehm when looking for creative and strategic initiatives to help them connect with mothers.

Over her decade in the mom space, she’s curated the Ehm & Co Network of engaged mom influencers, a collective of hundreds of influencers, bloggers and small publishers across Canada who she partners with to create compelling, award-winning branded content to connect with moms in the social space.

Her creative direction has lead to several prestigious awards including Best Blog/Column at the 2014 Canadian Online Publishing Awards (COPA), and in 2015 Gold for Best Use of Social Media, Gold and Silver for Best Online Campaign, and Gold in the prestigious Independent Publisher of the Year category.

She sits on the Mattel Barbie Global Advisory Board, where her innovative thinking has informed the progressive evolution of the Barbie brand. She was also a member of the Inside Digital Advisory board.

In 2014, Ehm was awarded the Leading Women Building Communities Award from the Ontario Government for her dedication to being a leader for women – in the entrepreneurial realm, their own communities, and beyond.

While Ehm is considered a pioneer in content marketing, digital publishing and community building, her greatest pride is her son, Josh, daughter Jessie and husband Terry.