Fujifilm Travel Photo Tips

Tips to Help You Take Better Photos When Traveling

No matter where you take your vacation; at the beach, in the mountains or staying in the city, one essential item you never want to forget is your camera.  

Whether it’s Fujifilm’s F70EXR compact 10x zoom digital camera - with Fuji's award winning sensor technology that perfects any scene, or the Z33WP waterproof camera that is made for adventure, you’ll have the right camera for the right occasion.  

But even with a great camera, you may not always get the shots you want. So here are some tips from Fujifilm to help you to take better pictures when traveling.

Get Off The Beaten Track

It doesn’t matter if you’re spending a week in a B&B on the Costa del Sol or a fortnight on the beach in Cancun, a foreign holiday is a time to take lots of pictures, even when you’re hanging out by the pool and bar.  

But if you never venture outside your hotel or resort, the chances of bringing back any really interesting photographs are slim. So why not take a day - or even an afternoon - to explore your surroundings and find something with a bit more character to photograph?  

Many tourist resorts are within ‘day trip’ distance of far more photogenic and interesting destinations such as Chichen Itza in Mexico.  

Photos In The Snow

Snow is a pretty blank canvas, but with the right wintery light it can turn even a mundane scene into something special. Take advantage of the early morning and late afternoon light when the sun is lowest in the sky, creating warm colours and long shadows. But be quick with the click.  The quality and colour of light changes quickly as the sun rises and sets, so keep shooting and experiment with white balance presets to ensure you get the colours you remember.

You can add interest to your snowy blank canvas by using tracks or footprints to lead the eye into the frame, or look for a single splash of colour to add a dynamic element to the scene.  

And don’t forget to use your camera’s macro mode which will allow you to produce super magnified results and pick out wintery details that are often missed. Filling the frame with details such as snow-laden branches and frozen berries and using the blue sky as your background will give vibrant colour and contrast to your pictures.


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