The Laundry Playlist

I’ve compiled a playlist that should carry me through the folding and putting away.

I don’t know about you but, in the summer, my house falls apart. Everything is done sporadically: cleaning, laundry, healthy eating(!) and hair brushing among other things. Between trips to the lake and backyard lounging and (*drums fingers on keyboard* What did we do this summer?) there simply isn’t a routine that ensures everything gets done all the time. It’s two months of wild living. So by the time mid-August rolls around, this Taurus is creating charts and tables to glue the pieces back together again.

As much as I love the fall – the coming inside, the sweatpants, the knowing what’s happening when – I don’t actually love the housework involved. In particular, there is one chore that just bites, that I wish to God I could hire someone to do for me every day. It’s a chore that Canadian children’s songwriter Charlotte Diamond wailed about, that I laughed at as a child because…what did I know?

It’s the laundry. (Cue collective nod.)

After 10 years of motherhood and exponentially growing mountains of clothes to be cleaned and folded, I have realized that I can either grit my teeth and get ‘er done or be annoyed that we all have to go to the basement and forage for underwear every morning.

I’m choosing the former simply because I’ve also started a workout program and adding extra trips to the basement to get my panties for the day just might push me over the edge. But I’d rather attempt to make the chore bearable than further aggravate my TMJ issues with all the jaw-clenching. So, I’ve compiled a playlist that should carry me through the folding and putting away, while taking me on a musical tour of songs I love from different eras.

Give these 10 songs a whirl when you catch yourself groaning over the task at hand. (Or come up with your own – and share in the comments below, please! There’s a lot of laundry and I’m sure I’ll need to change up my list soon!)


1. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor


2. Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake


3. Teen Spirit by Nirvana


4. Unbelievable by EMF


5. Despacito by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee (the full Spanish version is SO much better)


6. Baillando by Enrique Iglesias (again, full Spanish version is a MUST!)


7. Crazy in Love by Beyonce ft. JAY Z


8. Where Did Our Love Go? By The Supremes


9. Then He Kissed Me by The Crystals


10. Can’t Buy Me Love by The Beatles




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