Hip Hop Mom

A Gift of Laughter For All Mothers

by: Mina Shum

When two supermoms get into a dispute over a parking spot, they quickly reveal their secret identities and it’s a hip hop mom dance battle!

Hip Hop Mom is my comedic take on how moms of the world can stay true to themselves while raising a family. It’s my ode to Moms everywhere and I hope it gets seen all over the world.

The film was made with a lot of love. Hip Hop Mom features a cast of ten strong women who range in age between 30 to 60 years old, all who worked for free. It’s four minutes long and laugh out loud funny. But for me the comedy stems from real experience. I may have never hip hop battled another mom, but I have felt the need to express my irreverent, irresponsible self at times. And when I do, I’m so aware of the "mommy me" and the "not so mommy me". Both sides have to find their expression or we end up losing our true selves.

When it comes to being a Mom and honouring all of our sides, I always think of that airplane safety warning: “Put the oxygen mask on yourself before assisting others.” So Hip Hop Mom is me and all the great Moms in the cast putting our oxygen masks on, expressing ourselves and hopefully empowering others to do the same.

This is how you can help: watch the film as soon as it’s released and send the link to your peeps all over the world.

  Watch the film at hiphopmomfilm.com.


Mina Shum is a Canadian film director, writer and hip hop dance machine.

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