10 Back-to-School Movies That Will Entice Even the Most Resistant Students to Go Back

Must See List for the Month of September

There are curled, dried up maple leaves on my driveway this morning and I can hardly smell sunscreen on my kids anymore. There’s been no sticky burnt marshmallow crust in my hair for almost a week and every store I go to has aisles full of sullen children crying over pencil crayon displays. Summer’s all but done, and come this time just a few days from now, it’ll all be a frozen margarita-soaked memory. So, buh-bye Summer 2016! We had a decent run, but the fun’s has to  stop sometime, and that time is now.

While no one really looks forward to the return of homework, endless permission forms, packing lunches and lice alerts, let us here provide you with some fun to fill the hours before then.

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