Yummy Facts about Faith Hill

Why We Love Country Star Faith Hill

Faith Hill is one of the hottest| and yummiest country stars of the decade. An incredible vocalist who makes interesting song choices| Faith Hill continues to top the charts with hit and after hit. But what makes Faith even more appealing| is how she manages to remain a yummy mummy while coping with the ongoing challenges of superstardom.

Here are some other reasons why we love Faith Hill...

She stands up for her man.
Faith has been happily married to fellow country superstar Tim McGraw for 11 years. While she was on tour with her husband this summer| a fan inappropriately grabbed McGraw. "Somebody needs to teach you some class|" Faith yelled at the woman in front of thousands of fans packed into a Louisiana stadium. "You don't go grabbin' somebody's husband's [privates]| you understand me? That's very disrespectful!"

Honoured with Grammy Awards| People's Choice Awards and 30 million records sold| Faith always finds time to give back. She established The Faith Hill Family Literacy Project in 1996. In 1999 alone| she helped donate 35|000 children's books.

She can admit when she has a weakness. "Shoes. To me| they're a work of art."

Her biggest fear| Faith says| is her kids "growing up and my not being a part of their lives."

One of Faith's favorite snacks is barbecue chips with her homemade ranch dip. Now THAT'S yummy.

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