Meeting Celebrities...As a Celebrity

Stargazing that ranges from hilarious to awkward

I’ve hosted shows on cable TV for a number of years but I'll never be a household name. (You just scrolled down to see my name and picture didn’t you? And you still have no idea who I am, don’t you? See.) 

Sometimes when I’m out in public I evoke the occasional generic inquiry like:  “Hey, you’re that lady from that tv show aren’t you?” Awkward. The first time I was ever recognized was in the freezer section of my local grocery store. A woman cornered me and asked the above question to which I proudly replied “ Why yes I am.” She retorted with; “Wow they must really have to put A LOT of makeup on YOU!”

From that moment on, I’ve chosen to answer any and all public enquires with a solid “No comment.”

I can’t imagine being a real celebrity. Everything you do or say is splashed across the internet within minutes. People you don’t even know dissect your every move and make rash judgments about your character based on a brief run in that you may not even recall. And they then take that fleeting moment and exaggerate it into a plethora of memories the two of you shared so they have cocktail party fodder for the rest of their lives. “Did I ever tell you about the time Dave Letterman and I…” We’ve all done it, and even though I know how much it can hurt, I am no exception. So in the spirit of good cocktail party fodder, I will give you my top ten celebrity encounters. Pour yourself another vodka gimlet and lean in close. Did I ever tell you about the time...

Jack Hourigan is a Second City Alumni, a TV Host and  a freelance writer Living in Toronto. Her "Low Tech Mom" column can be seen in (and here at the Yummy Mummy Club)

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