Hollywood Pregnancy Secrets

She makes it look so effortless – stardom, motherhood, married to a rock star from Coldplay, and even that cute new curly bob. Who doesn’t want to be Gwyneth Paltrow – at least for a day? We asked the Oscar winner a few quick questions about how she manages motherhood to little Apple and baby Moses.

You starred in the action film Iron Man after giving birth to your son, Moses. How do you go from pregnant to doing major movie stunts for a big summer flick? Were you already in good shape before you began?

Gwyneth: No, I wish. I was like post-baby nightmare woman. (She laughs.) Seriously, I worked really, really hard and had an amazing trainer. I worked out twice a day and even did cardio dance. I felt like a complete nerd, of course, but I just worked hard because I knew this was going to be a physically demanding role. And slowly I got into shape.

What were you passionate about as a little girl that you want to share with your own kids?

Gwyneth: I was really passionate about those old musicals like Mary Poppins and the Haley Mills movies. I was obsessed when I was little, so I’ve already shown Mary Poppins to my kids/ And I’m sure I’ll be showing them many more as they get older.

Does Chris (Martin) sing to the children?

Gwyneth: Oh, yes, all the time. He sings lullabies. He’ll sing funny joke songs. They love his music.

How do you balance having a tremendous career with personal life satisfaction?

Gwyneth: Basically, I have the luxury of saying that I’ve done everything that I wanted to do career-wise. I mean, at a very young age I achieved a lot. So now I have the freedom to shift my focus and fully dive into this domestic kind of bliss. It might be a different story if I hadn’t achieved what I wanted to achieve.

You grew up with a working mother. Did you want your mom to be home more for you?

Gwyneth: I never felt like she wasn’t around. I mean, I can probably point to two memories in my childhood where I acme home and I was like, “Oh, Mommy’s working” and it was kind of a big deal. But mostly I already knew that I could go to her. I think that I was in third grade and she was doing a film with Martin Sheen. The house they were shooting in was about six blocks from our own house and they had some how worked this out. So we would come home from school and walk over there. It was a fantastic thing. Also, I loved being around actors; it was such a lively kind of atmosphere, everyone was creative, and it was a lovely way to grow up. I don’t look at it like, “Oh, no, I’m subjecting my kids to something that’s not great,” because I really feel that it will be great for them.

Before Apple was born did your mom give you one good piece of advice about being a mother?

Gwyneth: She’s very supportive of me. It’s more of a dialogue that we still have with questions about raising children. She tells me what I was like as a child. She’ll give me something to go off of. It’s not like, “How do I do this?” I read about five hundred books on breast feeing, child psychology, raising a child, sleep, all that kind of stuff.

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