Lady Gaga Fat-Shamed for Not Having 0 Body Fat

Stomach Skin: We’ve all got it

Lady Gaga rocked the you know what out of her Super Bowl 2017 Halftime performance, but for some reason an alarming number of people had an unfathomably hard time understanding that people – even celebrities – have skin on their stomachs. I KNOW, I KNOW – just deep breathe, I promise the shock will subside momentarily.

If you didn’t see the show, I’ll give you Cole’s Notes version real quick:

Lady Gaga jumped off the roof and descended – while singing – on cables in a silver, sparkly jumpsuit. Her vocals were amazing. She performed some of her best-known songs, and subtly stuck it to the man with her song choices like Born This Way. She danced, she jumped, she sang and she was amazing. This, might I add, from someone who doesn’t particularly care for Lady Gaga’s music.

My friends and I all expressed our awe at her talent – her ability to dance and sing and kick and jump simultaneously, not to mention how quickly she swapped outfits AND makeup (I can’t get my panties off in that amount of time). More than once, we commented on how strong and in-shape she had to be to do it.

Meanwhile, assholes on the internet decided to ignore her talent and instead point out that the woman has what we all have: skin on her stomach. I swear, there was less backlash over President Trump’s bans than there was over the fact that a woman with skin on her stomach dared to show her stomach.


And it’s infuriating.

If you didn’t know, Lady Gaga has been very outspoken about her experiences with eating disorders.  She’s a warrior for women (and men) everywhere who’ve ever felt uncomfortable in their skin.

If you didn’t know, even the most toned bodies have skin and sometimes that skin rolls and has folds in it when you’re moving.  Also, even elite athletes, models, and – yep - artists have fat.

In case you didn’t know, Lady Gaga’s belly and the itsy bitsy little roll of skin on it has exactly no bearing on her ability to sing and perform.

If you didn’t know, our kids are watching these performances and hearing these conversations and we’re feeding the unrealistic body image bullshit every time we make a negative comment about another person’s body.

Oh, and by the way… Lady Gaga got paid handsomely and inspired millions of people while you were trying to figure out how to get the Buffalo sauce stain out of your shirt.

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