Grandma Meets Boy Band One Direction

Well...Sort Of

Being a grandmother of tweens keeps you young(ish) and up to date on all the latest in their tween world. I hear all about the new pop idols, best styles, and, of course the cutest boys that they definitely don't like.

During one of the most current sleepovers at grandma's house we discussed the boys of One Direction at great length. Who did I think was the most handsome? Smartest? Best dressed? Which song did I like the best? This was a hot, hot topic and I did my best to keep track of who's who and the song titles to look out for. 

So, when I saw news of a One Direction popup shop in Toronto I decided to brave the 'tween mob,' stand in line and score a T-shirt for my granddaughter. Cue the sucky music—I was even imaging (a long, long time after I was gone) her telling her own grandchildren about her fabulous grandmother that got her THE tee-shirt.

Around 7 A.M. I tweeted my intentions and giggled at the reactions that came back to me.

Pls take earplugs with you because there might be screaming. 

Try not to faint ;-)

Enjoy the madness!

Bring coffee and maybe noise canceling headphones ;)

Yes, I expected madness and lots of screaming girls but spurred on by visions of a tween that would be absolutely ecstatic I went anyway. I heard the noise a block away. The lineup was huge. Some kids had been there all night.

Everybody was so excited and having a wonderful time. Everyone waiting their turn to shop.

Now here's the best part. I asked the folks at the door if there was early access for PRESS. 

'Of course,' they said. 'Go right in.'

Right in? Oh my goodness. Thank you Goddess for making me a journalist! 

And so I stepped into Tween Heaven.

One Direction on TVs around the room and lots of One Direction Posters.

A long wall with samples of One Direction everything from $5 bracelets to $15 notebooks to (gulp) $30 T-shirts.

There was even a set of One Direction dolls by Hasbro for only $150.

I made my purchase and left ..... P.S. Note to any grandchild reading this blog. 

Haha, fooled you. That is not the design I choose.

This T-shirt gift will not be presented until two weeks from now for the first day of granddaughter's school. But... here's the tricky part. 

Fingers crossed that One Direction will still be her Boy Band of choice.


Do you want to be a hero or heroine to a special tween? Just leave a comment and tell me that you'd like one of these One Direction bracelets. I'll pick two winners at random in time for the first week of school.

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