A Book for Kids Who Don’t Quite Fit In

Be Extraordinary In An Ordinary World

Entering a new school is never an easy feat. Entering a new school with a facial deformity is an even harder feat. In R.J. Palacio’s Wonderyou’ll meet a little boy named August, a fifth grader whose parents have decided it’s time for August to integrate into middle school despite his physical differences. They understand it will be difficult, but they know that once people get to know the real “Auggie,” a ten year old boy who loves Star Trek and video games, his physical appearance will be immaterial. 

The story of August showcases the cruelty that can occur when someone looks “different.” Young boys between the ages of 8-14 would benefit most from reading this book. They’ll experience the pain August feels when people shriek, wince and squirm because of his outward appearance. More importantly, they’ll be taught lessons about perseverance and how to overcome adversity.

Wonder is an outstanding novel that celebrates being extraordinary in an ordinary world.

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