Diary of a Domestic Diva

Why we love this blogger: 

Don’t let the name of Erica’s blog fool you. It might be called Diary of A Domestic Diva, but Erica wouldn’t dream of making you feel bad for not making your bed this morning because she might not have made hers either. You’ll love Erica for her wit, humour, and heart…and amazing crafts like this Do-It-Yourself Duct Tape Bag.

About this blog: 

Erica has had a love of the written word since she began keeping a diary at age five. Her days are spent juggling children, work, appointments, activities, sports, meals, homework and mountains of laundry. When she surfaces she enjoys sharing the standout moments. At times funny and mundane, sad and reflective, but always genuine, Erica maintains the integrity of her blog by writing from the heart with humour and raw emotion and thrives on moving people to laughter and tears.

Niches: Parenting, Food, Fitness, Review

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