How to Build a Maternity Work Wardrobe on a Budget

...And why you want to make Thyme your go-to for all of your maternity shopping

by: Zeba Khan

How to Build a Maternity Work Wardrobe on a Budget

How to Build a Maternity Work Wardrobe on a Budget

It can be a challenge finding work-appropriate outfits when pregnant. On one hand, it's not practical to buy a whole new wardrobe when your size will be changing month-to-month. On the other hand, it's important to maintain a professional look.

My friend, (and fellow Yummy Mummy blogger) Rubina, is currently dealing with this situation. Her job requires business attire as well as colourful, camera-ready outfits for on-air appearances. Since she is a Financial Specialist, she is mindful of staying within a realistic budget while still looking the part.

On the other side of the coin, as YMC's Shopping Expert, I’m always up for a shopping date! So Rubina and I headed to Thyme Maternity in Toronto's Yorkdale mall to pick out some key work pieces for her wardrobe. As we shopped, I shared my top 5 maternity-outfit tips with her:

1. Plan Ahead

Think about the types of work events you have coming up (i.e. client meetings, presentations) and what attire you’ll need.

Rubina has a mix of interviews and on-air appearances coming up, so she liked this Stork & Babe Blazer, Pencil Skirt and Teal Blouse. Put together, this outfit is very professional with a touch of colour.

This white shirt and black pant outfit is a classic choice for days when Rubina has inter-office meetings. The black bow belt is a pretty way to add shape to her tailored button down shirt.

2. Shop Your Closet

Make use of what you already own and assess which items will work throughout your pregnancy such as maternity clothing from previous pregnancies.

Here, Rubina is wearing the Sleeveless Pleated Maternity Blouse with a Rhinestone Belt. The hem is long enough to disguise a belly band, which you could pair with unbuttoned non-maternity pants or skirts in the early stages, until you need real maternity bottoms.

3. Choose items you can reuse

It's easier to invest in new pieces if you know you can wear them even after your pregnancy is over (or for another pregnancy). Bonus points if they are nursing-friendly – like this gorgeous grey sweater with a zip front (worn with faux leather panel leggings).

4. Stick to a Colour Scheme

Keep your new purchases within the same color scheme so you can mix and match your clothes to get the most wear out of them (and save yourself money because you won't have to buy more new items to co-ordinate!).

While a lot of women choose black staples (jacket/skirt/pants/dress), you can still inject color into your outfit by using bright accessories such as scarves and necklaces. Rubina tried on this versatile Stork & Babe Black Dress which could be worn with a rhinestone belt for a party, dressed up with a scarf for work, or paired with a faux fur vest and boots for a fun weekend look!

5. Buy something fun for yourself

When you wear what you love, you look your best. If you can, buy yourself one or two fun but functional pieces that still stay within budget. Choose something that brings out your pregnancy glow!

Rubina immediately fell for this floral dress. It is made of scuba material so it clings to your shape and smoothes everything out. It is versatile (it can be dressed up with a blazer for work or down with a sweater) AND can be worn post-partum, the most important thing here is that whatever you choose will make you feel happy when you wear it. Like Rubina was when she tried on this dress!

Document your pregnancy with Thyme's new Bumpfie App

It can be hard to find the time to document your pregnancy, especially if you have other children. Thyme has created a fun and free Pregnancy App called Bumpfie by Thyme Maternity. Having an all-in-one app will make it easy for moms-to-be to easily capture the special moments of their pregnancy to share and enjoy.

Use it to take daily bump photos which can be transformed into time-lapse videos. It also provides weekly updates for each stage of your baby's development and a shareable digital journal to record your audio, text, and photo memories.

All of this makes for an amazing keepsake of your pregnancy that you can look back on well after your little one arrives.

Bumpfie is available for download in the App Store and will be coming soon to Google Play!

Thyme makes maternity shopping enjoyable...for the entire family

While Rubina was busy trying on clothes, her daughter Salma and I were exploring Thyme's new store concept. We tested out their new interactive mirror (a first in Canada!) - it captures pictures and videos of you in your outfits that you can instantly email to friends or share on social media. Check out our selfie in the bottom right pic!

Salma also enjoyed the Bump Bar with built-in iPads set up just for kids and shopping companions (she played games while her mother paid for her purchases!). Thyme's aim is to keep the whole family entertained so you can take your time and enjoy your maternity shopping experience. I thought the complimentary water bottles and cell phone charging stations in the changing rooms (top right pic) was such a considerate touch!

It can be difficult figuring out how to style maternity clothing, but the staff at Thyme have knowledge and experience on what to wear for all occasions and settings. During our visit, we received a lot of expert advice and everyone was so helpful and kind (shoutout to Nicoleta who guessed the gender of Rubina's baby just by looking at her!).

Here is what Rubina ended up purchasing:

She went with the Stork & Babe Blazer, Floral Dress, Pleated Blouse and Floral Beaded Belt. These four pieces work well alone or together. Paired with her existing maternity wardrobe, Rubina is fully-equipped for the rest of her pregnancy!