5 Father's Day Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for-Guy!

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by: Zeba Khan

5 Father's Day Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for-Guy!

This Father's Day mix it up a bit and match one of these go-to gifts to his personality.

I don't know about you - but I think shopping for Father's Day can be a little bit...(dare I say)... boring! I often find that the gift options are limited and impersonal - i.e. ties, socks, cologne etc.  To inject a bit of fun into this year's shopping - I've come up with 5 categories - see which one matches up with your recipient's personality - and you're good to go!


1) For the Dad who is looking to improve his health/fitness - Fitbit Flex ($119.95), Indigo - It seems like EVERYONE is wearing a Fitbit these days - and who can blame them? This wristband device keeps track of your activity during the day and monitors the quality of your sleep at night. It even features a silent alarm to help you wake up without disturbing the rest of your family. For someone looking towards leading a more active lifestyle, the Fitbit can help you reach your goals. All collected data is synced up and stored on your computer or phone - and reports are generated to help you keep track of your progress.


2) For the perpetually-plugged-in Dad - Lifesaver II Portable Power Pack (29.95) Best Buy - We all have someone in our lives who is constantly checking their phone. And while it's best to limit screen time and focus on the people around you - when there's work to be done, going mobile is a better option than being stuck behind your computer. A power bank can help Dad keep connected while you're out and about - depending on the model you choose, it can charge a device multiple times (or charge several devices at once).


3) For the Dad who is in need of some pampering - Dermalogica Shave Kit System, $52, Dermalogica - Turn Dad's daily shave into a barber-shop experience with these luxe products. The first step exfoliates and cleanses his face. He can then use the pre-shave guard to soften his beard, followed by the soothing shave cream - this combo will leave him with silky skin and a super-close shave.  The post-shave balm soothes, moisturizes and prevents ingrown hairs.


4) For the outdoorsy Dad - Aviator Sunglasses, $190, Ray-Ban - Here's a gift you can't go wrong with - these Aviator sunglasses are classic. Ray-Bans have been around forever - they were developed in the 1930s to protect pilots from the glare of the sun - and were further popularized by movie stars such as James Dean and Tom Cruise.  The Aviator style is adjustable, so they will suit anyone - and if you're looking for a fun twist - they also have colorful options with bright mirror lenses in blue and green.



5) For the child-at-heart Dad - Parrot MiniDrone ($99.95) Indigo - Apparently drones are a thing now? I've been assured that they're lots of fun - more responsive and agile than classic remote control toys - they can perform acrobatic feats up in the air - and some models even carry a video camera so that you can have a birds eye view of your surroundings - just make sure to keep the drone in friendly airspace!

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