Zeba Khan: She Shopped, She Scored


Don’t Go Overboard! Here's What You Really Need to Buy for Your Newborn

Carter's | OSHKOSH has all the essentials in one convenient spot

by: Zeba Khan
Don’t Go Overboard! Here's What You Really Need for Your Newborn

When it came to preparing for a new baby, I felt like I was thrown in at the deep end. We were in the middle of planning our move to Canada, but my husband’s job was still in England. Pregnant with twins and living between two countries, I was grateful to manage the present, let alone not having much time to plan for the future.

I never had a baby shower, nor did I plan an elaborate nursery. I just bought 2 pack 'n plays and called it a day! When it came to clothing the twins, I kept it very simple. As you can imagine, two newborns required MULTIPLE outfit changes a day, so I didn’t have time to worry about matching sets and coordinating pieces. Although, I always think that if I ever had another baby, perhaps I'd be more prepared and less tired and that I’d have more time to dress my baby in fancy outfits...or maybe not!

If you’re looking to stock up on the bare essentials before the arrival of your baby, here's my list of must-haves. Carter's | OshKosh was one of my favourite clothing stores when my twins were babies – so I’ll be using items from their online store to show you what you need.

Your Newborn Clothing Essentials List

1. 8 onesies  - These can be either long or short sleeve, depending on the time of year your baby is born. These are easy to put on and form the foundation of any outfit. They can be worn alone or layered with pants/skirts/sweaters etc.

Carter's Original Bodysuits ($18)

2. 8 sleepers/one-piece pajamas – Some parents love the snap-button ones, while others find the zippered ones to be a time-saver. My twins spent a LOT of time in these as they were a no-brainer, all-in-one outfit!

Carter's Cotton Sleeper ($12)

3. 4 pants/skirts -  These can be layered with the onesies as needed. Soft cotton with elastic waistbands are the most comfy and easy to slip on and off.

Carter's 2-Pack Pants ($12)

4. 6 pairs of socks/booties - Colourful socks complete any outfit and add some warmth when outdoors. Also, teeny baby socks are THE cutest.

Carter's 6-Pack Socks ($9)

5. A hat - Either a sun hat with a brim or a warm winter hat, depending on the season.

Carter's 3-pack Beanies ($10)

6. 4 dress up outfits – Have these on hand for when you want baby to look extra cute....but also know that it’s very likely that your baby will end up back in her onesie!

Carter's Dress & Cardigan Set ($16)

7. 8 Bibs – One of the most common causes of stains on baby clothing is from food. Bibs will help protect clothing and are also handy for dabbing away dribbles and wiping mouths after feeding.

Carter's 4-Pack Bibs ($12)

8. Assorted Weather Related Cover-Ups – Whether it’s a light cotton cardigan to full-on snowsuits, stock up according to the time of year.

Carter's 3-Piece Cardigan Set ($16)

9. 1-2 Hooded Towels – The hood design makes it easy to bundle up baby after bath time so she doesn't feel the cold too much.

Carter's Hooded Towel ($14)

  Bonus Shopping Tips:

  • Look for soft, stretchy clothing in natural fibres that feel soft on baby's sensitive skin
  • Make sure everything is easy to take on and off – you'll want envelope necklines, elasticised pants/skirts, and snap or zipper closures.
  • If you find an outfit you love, buy one in each of the next few sizes (apparently Kate Middleton does this for Princess Charlotte!)
  • Don’t buy seasonal clothing too far in advance – it’s hard to anticipate what size your baby will be in different seasons, and you may end up with unworn items.
  • If you’ve been gifted a lot of clothing in a particular size range, use the gift receipts to trade in some of them for the next size up. That way, your family and friends will see baby in the outfits they picked and you won’t have too many clothes for one stage and not enough for the next.

Do you have any essentials to add to my list? If so - please leave your suggestions in the comments!