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1 Scarf, 4 Ways: How to Tie a Scarf and Amplify Your Look

Add scarves to dress up your outfits and keep you warm and cozy

by: Zeba Khan

Scarves are my favourite winter accessory - not only do they keep me warm and cozy - they're also the easiest way to dress up a simple "jeans and sweater" outfit. Before I started fashion blogging, I never really knew how to wear scarves - I'd admire them on others, but think that they were too complicated to try on myself. But after reading posts and watching videos, I started experimenting and realized that wearing scarves can be simple! Below I'm sharing my four favourite ways of wearing a rectangular scarf (such as the pashmina-types found in every mall kiosk). Most of these techniques would also work with square or blanket scarves (especially the last one). Give these styles a try and let me know what you think!

5 Signs You're Addicted To Scarves

1) The Basic Pull Through

Step 1 - Fold the scarf in half and put it around your neck.

Step 2 - Place your hand in the loop (formed by the folded half)

Step 3 - Pull the hanging ends of the scarf through the loop

Step 4 - Drape the ends down the center of your chest.

2) The Classic Loop

Step 1 - Hold the scarf by a corner

Step 2 - Place it around your neck with the ends hanging down loose on each side

Step 3 - Take one end and wrap it around your neck once, making a loose loop around your neck

Step 4 - Fluff up the loop and arrange the ends so that they hang evenly

3) The Faux Infinity

Step 1 - Tie two corners of the scarf together, to make one long loop

Step 2 - Put the scarf around your neck, making sure to place the knotted corners at the nape of your neck (where it will be easily concealed). It will look like you're wearing a long "scarf necklace"!

Step 3 - Take the scarf and wrap it around your neck once, making a small loop. Take the remaining material and wrap it again, making another loop around your neck, so that you're left with a small collar.

Step 4 - Fluff up the scarf and make sure that the knotted corner is concealed underneath the looped layers.

4) The Neckerchief

Step 1 - Fold the scarf in half, so that it's a square. Fold it again across the diagonal, so that you're left with a giant triangle.

Step 2 - Hold the triangle by the two ends and put it on your neck as if you were putting on a bib.

Step 3 - Cross the ends at the back of your neck, and bring them around to the front.

Step 4 - Tuck the ends inside the neck loop to secure the scarf in place. Adjust the scarf and fluff it up.

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