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Family Night: A Fusion of Memory-Making, Flavours, and Fun

Traditional on the outside but filled with modern twists

by: Zeba Khan
Redefining Friday Nights: A Fusion of Flavours and Fun

When I was in University, Friday night meant spending two hours getting ready in the dorms with my friends before heading out in the freezing cold to go clubbing (it seemed fun at the time!). In my mid-twenties when I was living in England, Friday nights were when hubby and I picked up our favorite Turkish take out and had a leisurely dinner while watching re-runs of Friends - the perfect end to a hectic work week. Now that we have two kids, Friday nights have had to be redefined, I'm sure yours has changed a lot too since having your kids! This is now the time we set aside to head over to my parent's house for family night.

Here is the way our family nights usually go, maybe you can draw some inspiration if you are looking to redefine your family nights.

There are many reasons I look forward to our Friday family night dinners. Firstly, I don't have to cook! Secondly, my children get to experience the wholesome Bengali food I grew up on. Since retiring, my father has taken up cooking - and we all benefit from the multiple-course dinners he prepares. Check out last week's dinner pictured above, it included veggies, daal and Chicken Tandoori - so delicious! I wish I had the energy and enthusiasm to produce daily dinners like this - but since I don't - I'm glad we get to eat this at least once a week (with leftovers to take home too!)

Family night also means game night, and the teaching goes both ways. Often you'll find my mother, daughter, and son huddled over the iPad playing popular puzzle games (the kids show her how to play the games!). On the other end of things, my parents have taught my children traditional Bengali games like Carom (pictured above on the right).

Dessert is often a fusion experience too - traditional milky tea (cups of milk for the children) is a staple, but the sweet treat that accompanies the tea varies from week to week depending on what my children have brought over for their grandparents to try. Sometimes it's cheesecake or brownies...last week it was Marvellous Creations. The kids enjoyed whacking these candy bars into bite-size pieces and piling it on to a plate for everyone to share.

Just like our family nights, the bars look traditional on the outside - but the inside is filled with a modern twist!

There are three versions available: Banana Caramel Crisp, Cookie Nut Crunch, and Jelly Popping Candy. My son loved the Banana candy and Caramel bits, while my daughter was intrigued by the fizzing sensation of the Popping Candy. The adults found the Cookie Nut Crunch delicious - that bar disappeared in an instant! They were a nice addition to our family night melting pot.

Our Friday family nights always end with hugs and promises of another visit in the very near future.

I'm very grateful for our weekly family nights - my children get to experience the same attention and affection that nurtured me as a child. My parents benefit from the adoration and playfulness that my children bring with them. As for me, I feel happy because I'm surrounded by the people I love - it's a blessing and I treasure our redefined family nights together!

Like Zeba, you too can easily redefine your family nights just like Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations has redefined the candy bar. They are the perfect way to break up your own family night.

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