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11 Beauty Lines that Leave You Looking Good, Feeling Good

Causemetics - All Natural Beauty Products for a good cause

by: Zeba Khan

What’s better than treating yourself to luxe beauty products? How about pampering yourself with quality skincare while ALSO providing financial assistance to women fighting Breast Cancer?

By purchasing from the Causemetics line, you'll be donating money to the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund.

How is this different from donating to Breast Cancer research?

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, there were a lot of products focused on fundraising for a cure. A portion of proceeds from their sale went towards research into treating/preventing Breast Cancer. While this is SO important and worthwhile, sadly – it is not enough for women who are currently undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer. Many are in need of financial support too. 

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This is where the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund (CBCSF) can help - it provides short term financial assistance to women fighting Breast Cancer. Donna Sheehan (Breast Cancer survivor) created CBCSF after realizing that “In my seven years of work providing psychosocial support to those affected by breast cancer, it became very clear that the financial cost was often more stressful than the diagnosis and treatment.”

What is Causemetics?

Causemetics is a line of skincare and cosmetics products created through a collaboration of 11 Canadian companies (Consonant Skincare, Lovefresh, Pure+Simple, Schaf, Graydon, Ella’s, Cocoon Apothecary, Sappho Cosmetics, Evoke, Sigrid, and Province Apothecary).

Here is where the dual purpose comes in - not only does a portion of each product sold go directly to CBCSF ($4 to $10 as marked on the package), the products featured are all-natural and non-toxic. As Sheehan states “Prevention is a key mandate and we believe minimizing exposure to harmful toxins is part of the solution, so working with cosmetics industry partners who create natural products is perfectly in alignment.”

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Bill Baker, founder of Consonant Skincare explains: "We’re all Canadian companies dedicated to products that people can use with confidence knowing they’re not exposing themselves to harmful chemicals. For consumers, supporting the CBCSF is now as easy as buying their favourite products.”

Bottom line: Not only are you helping those who are fighting Breast Cancer, you are also pampering yourself with high-quality products that are good for you!

If you would like to explore the 11 Causemetics products, click here. As an oil-cleanser enthusiast, I like the sound of the Moisturizing Cleanser - it uses Jojoba oil to clear congestion and heal blemishes. I'm also intrigued by the Natural Deodorant and the 100% Botanical Perfume. And with winter dryness causing skin irritations for my whole family - I think we could all use some Warrior Woman Skin Healing Salve. Love the name and ingredients - it's formulated with Olive Oil and locally sourced beeswax!

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