Zeba Khan: She Shopped, She Scored


5 Great Alternatives To American Girl Dolls

and they are all available in Canada!

by: Zeba Khan

Although American Girl dolls are popular and well-made, there are many reasons why you may not want to purchase them for your child—ranging from their high price (with dolls starting at $130) to the fact that they're "American" rather than "Canadian." If you're in the market for an 18-inch play doll, here are 5 alternatives to an American Girl doll, all readily available in Canada.

1) Maplelea Dolls, $99.99, Maplelea Website:

Premium dolls with Canadian heritage, the Maplelea girls come from six different regions in Canadathe Rockies, rural prairies, urban Ontario, the Maritimes, Quebec, and northern Canada. Each doll comes with a keepsake journal introducing the doll and sharing facts about Canadian geography and culture. While these dolls are almost as pricey as American Girl dolls, their high quality and craftsmanship help justify the price, and they're definitely a more patriotic alternative!

Height: 18 inches.

2) Journey Girls, $39.99, Toys R Us:

The Journey Girls are six best friends who love to travel. They are beautifully made with very pretty faces and non-blinking eyes. They are slightly skinnier than American Girl dolls, so they will not fit into the same clothes.

Height: 18 inches.

3) Our Generation Dolls, $21, Target:

One of the most popular American Girl doll alternatives, these Target-exclusive dolls are very reasonably priced and come with a wide selection of outfits and accessories. While the overall doll quality is good, many reviewers complain that the hair gets tangled and matted quite easily.

Height: 18 inches.

4) Hearts for Hearts Girls, $33, Walmart/Canadian Tire/London Drugs:

Inspired by girls in different countries across the world, each doll comes with a story of how they want to help others around them. Not only do their stories encourage charitable work, $1 from the purchase price is donated to programs in that doll's region! These multi-cultural beauties represent a variety of countries, including Ethiopia, India, Laos, and Belarus.

Height: 14 inches.

5) Springfield Collection Dolls, $22, Michaels:

This range includes five dolls with a variety of hair colours and skin tones. They're very reasonably priced already, but with Micheals' frequent coupon offers, you can get them for an additional 40% off! These dolls are the perfect present for younger children who like the look of American Girl/Maplelea Girl dolls, but may not be ready to handle them with the care they require.

Height: 18 inches

Which of these five options is your favourite? Although they're slightly smaller than the rest, our family love the Hearts for Hearts doll—we've purchased several of them to give as birthday gifts.

If you want an American Girl doll rather than an alternative, they're now sold in Canada through a partnership with Indigo. Click here for a peek inside the Yorkdale American Girl Boutique.