Zeba Khan: She Shopped, She Scored


Birkenstocks: Love Them Or Loathe Them?

They're good for your feet — but would you wear them?

by: Zeba Khan

I remember when Birkenstocks were part of my daily attire: It was the mid-90s, Hippie Chic was at it’s strongest, and you weren’t anybody in high school unless you were wearing a pair of tan Birkenstocks. We wore them with everything — maxi  skirts, flannel shirts, cropped tops and jeans — and they scored major bonus points for how comfortable they were.

With 90s fashion making a comeback, it should be no surprise that Birkenstocks are flying off the shelves. Even self-professed Birkenstock haters are finding themselves irresistibly drawn to the sandals — from non-branded rose gold and studded variations, to tried-and-tested classic styles — they're everywhere you look.

Opinions are divided at Yummy Mummy headquarters. Irritated by Allergies Blogger, Alexandra Durriell gleefully exclaimed “I knew my day in the fashion spotlight would come! BIRKS ARE IN, BABY.” Christella Morris is not convinced: “Bahahahahahahaa.... Go home, Fashion! You're drunk.” Party Mummy Blogger, Lisa Thornbury asked ”Is it wrong that I feel rather smug about all the teasing I've endured over the past few years about my Birk wearing ways?” while Julie Cole stated “I started wearing them in 1988 and have never stopped.”  Ali Martell, sums up her fashion philosophy succinctly: “My daughter wears them. Which means I do not.” YMC's other fashion blogger Ashley MacInnis is excited since she has always been a big fan. 

As for me, I own a pink pair in the Madrid style — I purchased them during a brief popularity revival in 2005. Since they're back in fashion, I've brought them out again, but I've learned to pair them with slouchy jeans...otherwise my feet look like boats!

How do you feel about Birkenstocks? Are they a fashion fave or too ugly to wear?