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Young Adult Book Review of Rebecca Eckler's Apple Books

Rotten Apple and Apple's Angst by Rebecca Eckler

Just for something different I wanted to share a young reader's p.o.v. and what better way than to give an eager tween turning teen reader a couple of YA novels and see what she has to say. The books are Rotten Apple and Apple's Angst by Rebecca Eckler and the guest blogger is Alex W.


Rotten Apple introduces us to 16-year-old Apple, daughter of the very famous TV personality, psychologist Dr. Bee Bee Berg, the “Queen of Hearts”. Apple seems to have the life we all dream of, wonderful friends, money, and (sigh) a crush on her friend, Zen. Apple is the complete opposite of her mom (her nickname is the “sponge”), because she takes it all in and doesn’t let anyone know how she feels.  Apple doesn’t tell anyone about her crush, especially Happy, her BFF.

In the beginning everything is normal, then her hot crush Zen returns after being away in Australia and things change drastically; he now harbours a crush on Happy – and Apple loses her cool.  She initiates Plan Z to get Zen to like her. When this fails, she turns to more drastic measures - like hacking her mom’s computer and giving out bad advice. Unfortunately, all the lies and manipulation get her into a load of trouble. Happy, upset with Apple and her antics seeks vengeance and goes on “The Queen Of Hearts” to tell the world what Apple has done.

Apple starts to realize she made some bad decisions; she starts to understand why she did it and what she could have done to handle it better.  In the end, she realizes that family and friends are too important to lose. In order to keep what happened from happening again, she needs to open up to people and express her feelings.


Apple's Angst has what every teenage girl will love: boys (like a secret crush on her best friend's bf), a co-worker with a grudge (who suddenly turns suspiciously nice), and of course, drama.

When Apple finds herself in the spotlight, it changes her into a new more confident Apple. Even though she likes the new Apple, will she realize that her friends don’t agree with her? Will she be able to save herself from all the angst?

Apple is a character that we can relate to; she is intriguing yet still seems very real. She goes through the ups and downs of friendships and relationships, especially when Apple needs a dose of reality.

I found myself envying Apple throughout this book because she seemed to have everything that we all want: a perfect life, popularity, and money. But my envy quickly changed to sympathy when her world came crashing down. 

Rebecca Eckler very intricately weaves the story of Apple, the new fashion magazine intern, throughout her adventures and misadventures in the spotlight. Can’t wait for the next book!

Alex W.


Alex is a 12 year old hip tween who is into her dog, reading, skiing, music, art and writing.  She would like to be a writer, design clothes and become a vet in the future. Check out her blog Style For Less Teen.


Rebecca Eckler is a well-known Canadian journalist, television personality and the author of How to Raise a Boyfriend, The Lucky Sperm Club, Mischevious Mom at the Art Gallery, Wiped! and Knocked Up.


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