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If you're using Pinterest—and I really mean the word using—you know how addictive this social media sharing tool can be. It starts out as an innocent hobby but it can quickly turn into a full blown obsession to PIN EVERYTHING YOU LIKE and hard to quit habit! Seriously though, it can get that bad once you start following other pinners' pinning activities and start "liking" and "repinning" their stuff all over your boards.

I have to admit that some of my activity is pure gratuitous escapism that tends to cut into my reading time, gah!

For example, I have boards called "Me Want!" and "Me Likey!" devoted to this sort of stuff. Aside from those boards I have more "loftier" collections related to my other obsession with literature. I have "Worth Reading," "For The Love of Books," and "Words To Live By"—plus I contribute to the YMC Books board. Pinterest is a great way to share book recommendations with the added bonus of visuals and I include other images related to my obsession with books, bookcases, bookmarks, and all things bookish in nature. For instance, did you know you can carve out a book to make a hidden box, build shelves out of books or make jewelry out of book text? Who knew?! So what do you collect on Pinterest? Do you like to pin crafty things, recommend eco-friendly finds, or share yummy recipes? Please share your pinning habits in the comments below. You are welcome to follow me BookaliciousYummy Mummy Club YMCbuzz and check out the list of YMC Bloggers. Since you're planning to head over to Pinterest after reading this blog post I can recommend you follow YMC Wall Candy Blogger Sarah Gunn. Sarah has a great selection of boards and shares gorgeous images and crafts from her blog posts like bookcase makeovers.

Oh wait, before we both head off to check on the latest pinning activity, I should mention that Pinterest sent out emails over the weekend announcing a few changes to their policy. It's a good idea to read it and make sure you're following proper pinteretiquette!


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