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Jeffery Deaver Gives 007 Carte Blanche

James Bond is Back and Better Than Ever in Carte Blanche

When you think of Bond, James Bond what comes to mind? Shaken not stirred? Fast paced adrenaline and luxury cars? Glamorous locations and beautiful women? Intrigue and suspense? Evil villains and cool gadgets? Whatever combination you can imagine, there's no doubt Bond is the quintessential spy hero.

Fans of Agent 007 will be thrilled to discover the new Bond story Carte Blanche will be speeding its way to the book shelves on June 14th. Ian Fleming wrote an impressive number of James Bond books. The Ian Fleming estate, (Ian Fleming Publications Ltd.) commissioned bestselling thriller writer Jeffery Deaver (The Bone Collector) to write the latest 007 book Carte Blanche. Deaver credits Fleming as an early influence on his own writing career and jumped at the chance to write the newest installment to the Bond series. 

In Carte Blanche, James Bond is a veteran of the Afghan war and becomes a member of a post 9/11 elite organization that operates independent of the Ministry of Defence. Headquarters gleans information about a planned attack so Agent 007 is called to action once again, but this time he's been given carte blanche to do whatever it takes to fulfill his mission to protect the Realm. The modern-day secret agent travels to Dubai which is the first time the United Arab Emirates has been featured in a James Bond novel.

You can read an excerpt or listen to an audio excerpt from Carte Blanche.

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