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Guest Blogger Reviews YA Novel Between The Lines

By Jodi Picoult And Samantha Van Leer

One of the perks of working with publishers, is having the awesome opportunity to give away books to ardent readers. Another bonus as a book blogger occurs when I get feedback in the form of a wonderful book review. Read along, as self-confessed bookaholic and budding teen writer Alex shares her thoughts on the charming new YA novel, Between The Lines, by Jodi Picoult and her teenage daughter, Samantha Van Leer.

Between The Lines Review, by guest blogger Alex W.
Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Oliver who was born without courage. His loveSeraphimahad been stolen away and locked in a distant castle, and Oliver must go on a quest to save her. After an arduous journey across the kingdom, Oliver finds his true love and rescues her from the evil villain, and they live happily ever after.
If only life were that easy. Oliver lives in a twisted fairytale world, where he can talk to anyone and do anythingunless the book is opened. 
As soon as a reader cracks open Between the Lines, the characters have to act out the story. Day, after day, after day.
Nothing is as it seems. Oliver doesn't really love Seraphima, and Rapscilliothe evil villainis actually a kind-hearted man who enjoys collecting butterflies.
Oliver is the only one who tires of acting out the story time after time. Everyone else is happy to do it, but all Oliver wants to do is live. He wants to explore the real world. He wants to live his own life, not act out a role that was created for him.
Then one day, the book is opened again, but something is different this time. This Reader notices more than anyone else ever has, and Oliver's enraptured by her. Her name is Delilah and somehow, some way, she and Oliver begin to talk and find solace in one another. 
But Oliver soon tires of just talking to her. He wants to escape the book, live real life, and be a normal teenager. He tries and tries and tries some more to escape out of his life, but nothing works. He’s stuck in his fairytale world, and there’s nothing he can do about it.
Or is there?
Between The Lines, a suspenseful tale of love, adventure, and hope, is sure to have you reading with your hands clenched around the pages. Told from three different points of view, this story is easily one of the best things I have read all year, and is (in my opinion) an essential for everyone’s bookshelf. Check out an excerpt from the novel and a video interview with Jodi Picoult to find out more about Between The Lines.
By Alex W.
Alex W. is a 13-year-old amateur writer and a self-confessed bookaholic. She guest posts for various blogs, including the Bookalicious Blog featured on YummyMummyClub.ca. She is a fan of tv shows (Gleek), movies (Potterhead), and a major fangirl of One Direction. Check out her blog Musings Of A Book Nerd and follow @dontforget2live on Twitter.
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