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A Bookalicious Look At The 2014 Art Of Leadership For Women

A Conference to Help You Strive and Build Your Drive

When I received an invite to attend The Art of Leadership for Women 2014 conference in Toronto on May 29th, I immediately went to the website to see the speaker lineup. To my delight, I discovered a wonderful list of six internationally renowned women and noted that a few of them have inspired me both personally and entrepreneurially over the years!

I have to mention my personal connection/obsession with one of the speakers, Martha Stewart. Yes, THE Martha Stewart happens to be a speaker at the conference! Years ago, before writing for magazines and blogging for YMC, I spent a great deal of my time on gardening, crafts, baking, cooking, and watching Martha's TV shows. I have stacks of Martha's magazines and a well-used collection of her cook books to prove this passion; just see the picture below! As you can well imagine, this conference will be an experience of a lifetime for me!

I'm really looking forward to learning from the six stellar thought leaders and hope my readers are encouraged to attend The 2014 Art of Leadership for Women Conference as well.

I'm sure the talks will be full of innovative strategies, tools and techniques to help us build skills and create connections in our business careers. I'm eager to gain some insights to help me build my Bookalicious business, network and audience. I am trilled at the prospects and hope you are too!

Take a look at the list of lady leaders below and of course, click on the book covers to check out their books for even more more added inspiration!


Read Martha's Bio



Read Hayley's Bio




Ready Katty's Bio



Read Erica's Bio



Read Liane's Bio


If you want more information on the conference schedule, topics, venue, and how to purchase a ticket, visit The Art of Leadership for Women Conference website. This conference is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable insights, learn from thought leaders, and network with a group of over 1,500 of Canada’s most influential women!

Let me know if you plan to attend this exciting conference in the comment section below. If you can't make it on May 29th, then I invite you to follow the hashtag #YMCLeadership on Twitter and connect with me @BookaliciousCA and other conference attendees.

Here's a handy list of conference handles to keep on hand and I hope to meet/tweet you then!


Relish reading,


Discover how you can close the gap to achieve the career you want and deserve at The 2014 Art of Leadership for Women Conference: One Day, Six Inspiring Women.

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