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Toys for Developing Gross Motor Skills

Toy Options for Encouraging Physical Activity

Where do they get their energy from?

Running, crawling, jumping and other activities which require the larger movement of muscles in their arms, legs, feet, or their entire body, are all part of gross motor skills development. As a parent, encouraging physical activity is an essential part of your child’s development.

Children reach different gross motor skill milestones at different ages and stages. There's no need to worry if your little one finds catching a ball to be a little tricky right now. The most important thing to remember is just have fun.

Here are some of my favourite toys that kids and parents can have fun with while enjoying the benefits and development of gross motor skills!

Lamaze Foot Finder/Wrist Rattle Set ($17.98)
Ages 6 months +

Even infants are learning the basics of gross motor skills. As little ones are discovering their toes and hands these toys offer rewards with fun sounds and bright patterns.

Okiedog Fropper ($79.98)
Ages 18 months +

This very cool looking ride on toy is a blast for toddlers! It’s so easy for little ones to zoom around on. The seat has a bit of a bounce to it which just adds to the fun! Click here to see just how Okiedog Fropper promotes the development of gross motor skills.


ALEX Monster Mitts ($12.99)
Ages 3 years +

Kids can learn the basics of playing catch with these fun-looking mitts. They're silly, innovative and fun. The Velcro padding on the mitts give kids the satisfaction of catching the ball with much more ease than a baseball glove. There are two mitts so this is a great activity that parents can do with their kids!

iPlay Soccer Trainer ($21.99)
Ages 3 years +

Whether your little one is a future soccer star or just learning the fundamentals of kicking, this set is perfect for practicing ball-kicking skills. Because the soccer ball is attached by a bungee cord to a weight, kids can play alone or with a friend!


KIDnTECH Balance Bike ($98.99)
Ages 2 – 5 years

With this cool looking bike with no pedals, kids will learn balance, steering and co-ordination while quickly gaining the skills to transition to a real bike without training wheels.




Hop Balls ($26.98 and up)
Ages 3 years +

What better way to burn off some of that energy than bouncing? Children will learn coordination and balancing techniques while having lots of fun. There are several different sizes which can accommodate kids from ages 3+ to 9+. Each ball will hold up to 300 lbs. so parents can take a few bounces on it too! Can be used indoors or outdoors.


Maverick Pogo Stick ($44.99)
Ages 5 years +

This pogo stick is designed to provide fun exercise for kids as they learn about balance and coordination. This activity takes a bit of practice so have patience and remember your helmet!





Monica Brown is owner of The Rocking Horse toy store in Kingston ON, a member of Neighbourhood Toy Stores of Canada (NETS), which has been wowing kids and parents since opening its doors in 2001!