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Teaching Your Daughter skills Through ‘Old’ Crafts

Makes for ‘close-knit’ relationships

With the technology age upon us, it's easy to overlook some of the things we learned as kids when we're teaching our own little ones.

As a child, I remember watching my mom sitting on the couch, crochet hook or knitting needles in hand, creating beautiful scarves, sweaters, and blankets. It's no wonder that when my own daughter was born I felt the need to learn the same skills, and as she gets older, I find myself wanting to make sure I pass on all I've learned.

It surprises some of our customers that the tools I used to teach myself are the very same ones I will use to teach my daughter. All of these can be found in our store, each one for under $25.  And summer gives us some valuable time to create closer knit relationships with our little girls.

Beginning with the Crochet Art Kit from 4M, with its well-illustrated instruction manual (which includes directions for left-handed learners), I was making coasters and small handbags in no time! Those basic skills led me to learn basic patterns for slippers, hats, scarves, and even intricate afghans which, by the way, make wonderful gifts! The kit includes two plastic crochet hooks, a plastic yarn needle, and seven colors of wool, which is more than enough to teach two children at once, or learn along with your child.

When the Quick Knit Loom by Creativity for Kids arrived in our store, I was quick to purchase a kit for myself. Before long, I had learned a whole new way to create handbags, hats, and scarves. Loom knitting is, in my opinion, one of the easier skills for younger kids and a great way to get that on-the-go child to sit still and concentrate for a little while! This kit includes the perfect-sized loom for making a child's hat, as well as a smaller double-sided loom that produces a long tube that can be used to make trivets, dolls, or even floor mats. Also included are a knitting hook, plastic yarn needle, thread needle, and assorted buttons and pony beads to add that special touch.

Other products I often recommend to parents wanting to teach their children these lost skills, are My Chunky & Funky Scarf kit by ALEX (which contains enough yarn for one long scarf, or a shorter one with a hat, and two chunky wooden knitting needles) and the 4M Cross Stitch Kit which has enough supplies to make a purse or pen holder and set of four coasters.

Teaching our children these valuable skills now is sure to provide them with many years of enjoyment. And what child doesn't enjoy showing off their latest piece of artwork? Imagine how much more joy they will get out of wearing it proudly every day when the colder weather arrives!

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