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'Family Game Nights' Become a Valued Tradition

Start 'em early with three great game ideas suitable for ages 4+

'Family Game Night' is one of the greatest ways to bring a family together for a night of fun, interaction, and bonding. It's one of the most social ways to get a family to spend a night together and has a lot more room for fun than a traditional movie or television night. When most people think of board games they think of Monopoly, Risk, Battleship, Chess; all games that a younger child couldn't participate in. Nowadays, however, that just isn't the case. There are tons of games that are age-appropriate for preschoolers which parents and even older siblings can enjoy just as much as the younglings.


For example, take Sequence for Kids. You may have heard of Sequence, or One-Eyed Jack, or a flurry of other titles. It's a board game designed  for a group of 2-12 people aged 8 and up. This version for kids, however, uses special cards with animals on them rather than the traditional deck of poker cards. It's the same concept as the original—play a card, put a chip on that card on the board, and make a sequence of 4 in a row—but far more suited to a younger audience. Sequence for Kids retails for $39.99.


Pop N' Drop Penguins is another game that draws influence from a classic game—in this case, Trouble. Rather than generic pieces and a boring board though, Penguins features, well, penguins! Adorable pieces and a dynamic board where penguins can fall back to the start. It's a great family game for ages 4+. Pop N' Drop Penguins retails for $19.99.


If  you're looking for something to really refine motor skills and balance, Too Many Mice is your answer. A simple-looking stacking game with a cheesy attitude, players take turns stacking mice two at a time to the ever-growing leaning tower of Cheese-a. The higher the tower grows, the riskier it is to add more mice. Who will make the tower fall? Too Many Mice retails for $24.99.

Families that start a 'Family Game Night' at a young age will begin a tradition that lasts until college. There's no better way to bond with a teenager than over a board game. Starting them at a young age will help keep the trend going throughout those important teenage years. The bonding that board games provide is everlasting, and these games are a great way to start what is sure to be a favourite family tradition.

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