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8 Easter Alternatives to Chocolate Eggs

A less sugary Easter that's still tons of fun!

Holidays with four boys are an amazing adventure at our house. Everything has that slightly overcharged energy. Easter is no exception with the copious quantities of chocolate that the boys receive from their grandparents and other relatives. Last year, after considering the amount of treats that the boys were certain to consume, we contacted the ‘Easter Bunny’ and requested a change to the Easter routine. That beloved long-eared creature really came through. I was amazed at his inventiveness!

We woke up Easter morning to a small treat in each Easter pail (he even left little treats for mom and dad) along with a few puzzle pieces for each boy. The boys figured out that they had to combine their puzzle pieces to make a picture of the Easter Bunny. Then, when they flipped over the puzzle there were instructions for the Easter hunt. Inside each hidden egg (we reuse the plastic eggs each year) they would find a puzzle piece that would lead them to the treasure. The hunt was on! The puzzle, once assembled, led them to a secret location where they found a group gift.

This year we have again sent a note to the Easter Bunny which I thought I would share with you. I hope you, your Easter Bunny, and the whole family enjoy the suggestions we shared with our Easter Bunny!

Dear Easter Bunny,

Thank you for the wonderful adventure last year. The boys enjoyed their treasure hunt and it was nice to see them working together to solve the puzzle. I have a few ideas for this year that I thought I would share since I know you are very busy. Maybe you can use them for other families too.

Polished Semi Precious Stones ($2 each) Instead of the chocolate eggs, how about some polished stones for the boys rock collection. They are beautiful to look at and they last forever. They would fit nicely into an egg for a hunt and no messy foil wrappers all over the house.

Frog Ecosystem ($36.99) It is such a hopping season, so how about a frog ecosystem. No work for Mom and Dad, but an incredible learning system where we can learn how to help our other hopping friends through ecosystem conservation. It would be an incredible gift for the whole family to enjoy.

Worry People ($2) Worry people are from Guatemala and come in a small, bright, hand woven bag. There are six little hand-made dolls in each bag that help out with childhood worries (adult ones too). The Guatemalan legend is that at bedtime you tell one worry to each doll and then put them under your pillow. While you sleep the dolls take your worries away.

Sand Pails from Gowi ($6-$7) These pails are incredibly tough and are made in Austria. They make perfect Easter buckets and are made to last. It is great to see the boys using them year round instead of collecting dust in the closet. They come in 6 ½” and 7” sizes depending on what you want to put in them. One of ours got left at the beach last summer so we could use a replacement.

O Balls ($9) O Balls are perfect for babies, toddlers and those of us who have a hard time catching a ball. The unique design allows infants to hold onto them and toddlers to practice catching. They are also perfect for hiding a little stuffed bunny or a finger puppet inside. They also take up a lot of room in an Easter bucket which is sometimes hard to do.

Curious Chef—Real Kitchen Tools for Kids ($5-$10) My little helpers are wonderful in the kitchen but they could use kitchen tools designed for their hands. The Curious Chef line has great handles that were approved by kindergarten students. They have spoons, lifters, whisks, knives, apple corers, measuring spoons, pizza cutters and everything that my boys would need to make helping out even easier.

PlasmaCar ($70) The ultimate family gift. These self-propelled cars are great for all ages of kids and adults. They are a great way to work off those Easter chocolate calories and to have a great time. My boys find it very hilarious watching mom ride one. They seem to like taking advantage of me with tickles when I am riding the PlasmaCar. Four against one seems so unfair!

Jewelry by Pink Poppy ($5-$9) Even though I don’t have girls I thought you might like ideas for those families that are fortunate to have them. Pink Poppy is a company from Australia that creates amazing jewelry for kids. One of my favorites is the happy flower bracelet and necklace. The fimo flower design is appropriate for little ones up to tweens. What little girl wouldn’t enjoy opening up an egg to find a little bling?

I hope my suggestions help you in the busy season ahead. Thanks again for all the fun last year. We are looking forward to another amazing Easter.

Yours Truly,

Angela Field, Jaiden, Quin, Edan & Liam too!

P.S. Hope you liked the carrots we left you last year!

Angela Field is the owner of Tradewind Imports (Toys & Gifts) in Lindsay ON, a member of  Neighbourhood Toy Stores of Canada (NETS) and an active and slightly crazy mother of four little boys. She has been in retail for over 15 years and has increased her toy lines with the arrival of her boys and the knowledge they have imparted. The boys, along with relatives and other kids in the community, are an active part in her toy testing. Angela’s motto is “I won’t sell it if I don’t believe in it.”

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