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Toys For The Hot Hazy Humid Days Of Summer

Stay cool making geysers and doing fun crafts!

Some days, when the temperature climbs to record highs, it is easy to encourage your children to stay in the shade or enjoy a cool afternoon lounging in a hammock. For these lazy days a good book, a craft, a solitary game or a science project will provide focus and wonder for your children.

Some great new items for these type of days include the new solitary brain teaser from Plasmart called Hiccup! This is perfect play for a lazy day for kids ages 6+. Hiccup! is self contained with no loose pieces, takes two hands to manipulate and has a captivating goal! My niece and nephew have been fascinated for hours on end with Hiccup! in between popsicles and dips in the pool of course!

The 4M brand of craft (and science kits) from Playwell Enterprises has a great range of kits under $15.00! These include plate painting, design your own paper lanterns, which look great around the pergola for a family get together or birthday party. Check out the great selection at The Rocking Horse we stock a super variety of these nifty little kits!

Science kits are plentiful and a specialty of neighbourhood toy stores and the selection will provide great opportunities for laughing, learning and playing together with your children. These can be easy play for a small group of children and a great activity for mom and dad to explore with the kids! Geyser Tubes™ are an unbelievably exciting outdoor activity. A big field is best or your back yard with access to a garden hose for clean up! The Geyser Tube™ is a loading tube for the famous Diet Coke geyser powered by MENTOS®. It’s difficult to drop the MENTOS® into the bottle before the reaction takes off and you're left soaking wet. The Geyser Tube gives you time to get out of the way of the spray. Check out Geyser Tube activities on YouTube and you’ll ‘get it’. 

So stay busy, but, just as importantly stay cool, on those hot hazy lazy days of summer!




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