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Had Enough Of Winter?


Now that Canada seems to have a one-season climate, my spirit is lagging. 

As winter continues to stretch along, how can anyone be expected to focus? 

Do you feel good, strong, and healthy? 

I do not.

Like many of you, I’ve been hit with a variety-pack of colds that never seem to go away completely. Right now, I barely have a voice. The thin, squeaky noise that comes creaking out of me every time I speak sounds like it belongs to a thirteen-year-old boy going through puberty instead of a full-grown woman. Either that or there is a large family of frogs living in my throat. 

And my ears are so clogged it is like trying to hear through thick wads of gauze and cotton balls. 

Every morning, as I put on my thick socks, wool sweater, chunky winter boots, and heavy coat, I already feel tired. That’s before the day has even started—long, daunting days that stare down at me like enormous icy mountains that must be climbed. 

I’ve had enough. When I sit down to write, it feels as though I am using a wrench to pull out individual teeth, sans freezing. Editing feels only slightly bettermore like I am poking at my eyeballs with small, sharp needles.

My inspiration has left the building. I suspect it’s stuck in a frozen heap somewhere outside in the cruel, unrelenting winter. 

I, too, want to leave the building and enjoy the outdoors again. Sun, beach, sand, heat. And I want to feel healthy again. 

I like the old Canada—the one that had four seasons. This Canada has transformed me from a glass-is-half-full optimist to a sniveling, sleepy, cranky mess.

Nowadays, I just want to curl up in my pajamas and flop around the house and have somebody come wake me up when summer comes. If it comes. 

Yep, Old Man Winter has been a nasty beast of a thing this year. A miserable curmudgeon, he is. 

There seems no end in sight, and, sadly, that hunch might not be far off.

According to seasonal forecasts by Environment Canada, the first half of April could be hit with frigid, cold weather in almost every part of the country, except the West Coast. April, people! You know, as in April showers bring May flowers? 

Maybe the West is the best, baby. If you ever want a taste of spring, that is. 

How about you? Have you managed to stay happy and healthy? And if not healthy, at least inspired? If so, how? Or are you just like the rest of us cranky Canucks—chilled to the bone and done with it all? 

If you have coping skills and inspiration survival tips, do share!

Until then, I’ll be sitting here in my pajamas and slippers slurping boatloads of coffee. 

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