Susie Moshenberg: The Prize Queen


Becel Heart Your Heart Contest Winner

The Winner of the $1,800 Heart Health Prize Pack is...

Back in February we asked you to visit our YMC Facebook page and leave a comment telling us what you are going to do to take care of your heart. Well, just for making that pledge YMC members were entered to win a Becel Heart Health Prize Pack valued at $1,800!

This prize included:

 Spa Finder gift certificate for $1,500
 Registered Dietician consultation for $200
 Gift Credit card for $100

Our lucky winner of this healthy prize is Lisa North, from Vancouver, B.C. And it couldn't have come at a better time for Lisa, because she had been so under the weather when I sent her an email to tell her that she won that she initally didn't see it. Once she felt a bit better she sat down at her computer and there it was! Nothing like winning a prize to make you make feel better.

Congratulations Lisa and thanks to all who entered!

And remember your pledge to yourself.

With lots of 'Heart'

Susie the Prize Queen